Bacon, the Cat From Lee Harvey's, Talks About Local Bands and Programs for Kids


He's one of the quiet observers-from-a-distance of our local music scene. He knows local people both big and small, but judges no one.

He's sick and tired of all the name jokes, and wisecracks about being eaten on a Lee Harvey's burger. He's the ultimate barfly, and wise observer of all things that go down at our beloved Lee Harvey's....even on dog day Sundays.

He's also a damn cat, but I still think we should scratch his head and pick his brain about local music in order to get answers we definitely did not write ourselves based on guesses about what he might care about. Why not? We all talk to our cats, anyway.

Congrats! You're our first non-human Local Music 'Mercian.

I am honored to be asked by you about my opinions on local music. They are broader than my dietary preference, which consists solely of dry Meow Mix.

Jesus, really? You're a fixture at one of the tastiest food joints in town, though.

I love Lee Harveys, and their gift for human cuisine. I love my friends Jeana Johnson and Marc Cassel, and their restaurants, Mot Hat Ba and 20 Feet, but dude....dry cat food is where it's at.

Suit yourself. I love the grilled cheese...and the bands.

As a bar cat who grew up at a bar in South Dallas, I have heard a lot of bands. I will tell you that the best ones I have heard and have the most feelings for are the "kid bands" from Zounds Sounds Those kids can rock the free world and beyond!

Ok, well before we get into these kid bands, what is Zounds Sounds? A school of some sort?

It's a rock school, for kids. How cool is that? Kids who are into music in this town have a lot of opportunities that most of us cats, or people, will never learn to rock out. First, I love Plowboy. They're around 15, and they're amazing. They vibe a lot of early Zeppelin and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who they recently got to open for on a few tour dates! Also, the Psycho Sonics are a great band, and are also sprung from Zounds Sounds. They kinda channel The Raconteurs and Wolfmother.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

There once was a cool cat named Bacon.

His opinions 'bout bands he's not fakin'.

Big Kitty's beguiled,

About him she's quite wild.

She just hopes that he isn't yet taken. 

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Big Kitty is smitten.  She told me she wants to bear his kittens.

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