Thirteen Must-See Concerts in DFW This Week: May 9-15

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Mike Brooks
The Wee-Beasties are headlining MILF Fest this weekend.
We've got some pretty awesome shows happening in your city this week, and you wanna know what else? Of the twelve concerts listed below, some of the musicians in these bands have be involved in some crazy antics, including the following:

1. Got his/her eye pissed into by a bat, and had to be tested for rabies.
2. George W. Bush had this artist's song on his iPod. The artist said he/she wouldn't play the song again until Bush was out of office, or until it left Bush's iPod.
3. This person made a short film in the '80s called Alien 1/2, as a sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien.
4. This is rumored to be Jim Carrey's favorite band.

Scroll down for the answers, after reading about some of your city's must-see shows this week!

MILF Fest with The Wee-Beasties, Fab Deuce, Ghost Daddies
Friday, May 10, at Andy's Bar, $8-$20

MILF Fest 2013 is expected to be just as raucous and rowdy as it has been in the previous two years, with ladies dancing alongside punk rock troublemaker Richard Haskins of The Wee-Beasties, who is headlining the night. If you're a young mom, consider yourself a "MILF," and want to join in on the action, it's not too late. Sign up at the door at Andy's Friday night for a chance at a first place cash prize. There'll probably be some gyrating and antics involved, though, so be aware. -- Rachel Watts

Alejandro Escovedo and Joe Ely
Friday, May 10, at Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge, $43.50

If there were such a thing as a "How Much More Awesome Is Texas Than Every Other State-O-Meter," many Lone Star treasures would move its needle with ease. Hill Country barbecue joints, Dirk Nowitzki and Houston's Art Car Parade, for example, would certainly test the limits. But, without a doubt, a double bill featuring two Texas legends of cultural cool at perhaps the best new venue in the metroplex, which stocks its bar with our state's finest craft beers, would surely bust that thing wide-open. Indeed, Alejandro Escovedo and Joe Ely, possibly Texas' best living examples of non-Willie Nelson musical royalty, will share the Live Oak Lounge stage on the same night. So, get there, grab a Deep Ellum IPA or a (512) Pecan Porter and just think about how much cooler you are in that magical moment than anyone in West Virginia could possibly be. -- Kelly Dearmore

Friday, May 10, at House of Blues, $20

You may not have heard of U.K. downtempo electro musician Simon Green, known best by his stage name Bonobo, who has been releasing albums since 2000, but after he executes his 2013 agenda, you should. A massive tour has the one-man show hitting the U.K., Europe, Canada and the United States in the midst of releasing his anticipated sixth full-length, The North Borders, a few weeks back. Even Dallas' own Erykah Badu makes an appearance on the album's sexy, ethereal track "Heaven for the Sinner," which will get heads turning. Go check out the new album, along with Bonobo's lengthy back catalog of sometimes trippy, sometimes ethereal, but always danceable creations. Report back. -- Rachel Watts

Com Truise, Ishi, Ice Eater, Ronnie Heart
Friday, May 10, at Lola's Saloon, $20/$27
Remember when people were dancing to nothing 'cause it sounded kinda familiar and the downbeats were easy to find? Not this. This is music worth actually dancing to. --Kiernan Maletsky

Bill Callahan, Flat Foot
Friday, May 10, at The Prophet Bar, $15

You know when words aren't just words? When Bill Callahan says them. They are mean, they are weird, they are true. Go to this and feel feelings. (KM)

Kenny Chesney
Saturday, May 11, at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, $17.72-$269.72

Funny how this happens, isn't it -- where two of the most elegant songwriters in country music end up batting leadoff for someone who wouldn't know something subtle if it quietly hit him across the face? But here we are. (KM)

Homegrown Festival
Saturday, May 11, Main Street Garden Park, $17 to $75

We did a whole music feature on this. Look: Homegrown Festival Gets Back to its Dallas Origins

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