The Baptist Generals' Jackleg Devotional to the Heart: Recap From the Good Records Release

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Photos by Kiernan. More below.
The Baptist Generals' long-awaited Jackleg Devotional To The Heart is here. You can buy it on a number of media including colorful vinyl. Mine's translucent pink -- not sure if that's how they all are or not. Either way, we strongly advise you to track it down. It's really good. The band, six highly respected musicians with this and other ventures, celebrated the big day yesterday with an in-store performance at Good Records. Front man Chris Flemmons set the tone early, calling the set a practice and passing his bottle of wine back to the band.

They played the record straight through, and if it was practice, then they're in very good shape for the proper release show June 1 at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton. Flemmons' lyrics are largely abstract things, but they find plenty of impact nonetheless. He uses connotation and consonance to fix his words in your brain. We'll have plenty more to say about this band in the coming weeks. For now, just mark your calendar for that June 1 show. After that, The Baptist Generals leave for a national tour with The Mountain Goats, and you'll be left alone to wonder what happens when you dream with them.




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