Ten Must-See Concerts in DFW This Week: May 30-June 5

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Postal Service
Hey guys, guess what. Scientists recently decided that the world could instantly turn into a solid state at any moment, so before that happens, go catch these 10 must-see concerts in DFW. Scroll down to make your bucket list, then find the link to this terrifying NPR article on page two.

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The Postal Service
Monday, June 3, at Verizon Theater, $37-$40

It's been 10 long years since The Postal Service released Give Up. You know what didn't exist when the album came out in February of 2003? MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr ... hell, even most music blogs. Still, the music has remained ingrained in popular culture. It has shown up in commercials, TV shows and Garden State. Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello's tribute to breakups, bleeps and bloops have provided the soundtrack to many a hipster romance's birth, breakup, make-up and dissolution. When the band takes the stage in Grand Prairie, the crowd will be made up of fans in their late 20s and early 30s relishing the chance to catch the act that soundtracked their growth from teenager to adulth. Expect the cheers to be loud, the eyes to be wet and the shirts and the merch to sell out quickly. -- Jaime-Paul Falcon

A Place To Bury Strangers, Zhora, Angelus
Thursday, May 30, at The Loft, $13/$16

If the world does end abruptly soon, we'll take this show as a soundtrack. Bring earplugs. --Kiernan Maletsky

Lucky Date, Raydar & Shaolin, DayGo, Jet Leeroy, Brandon Q
Friday, May 31, at Lizard Lounge, $15

Can you imagine having a solo exhibit based on a how-to-curate video on YouTube? Lucky Date, aka Jordan Atkins-Loria, got just that when his "How-To DJ" instructional videos generated nearly six million views and more than 15,000 subscribers in 2010. Atkins-Loria was also remixing "Dub Disco" for Spencer & Hill and working as a synth engineer creating preset sounds for David Guetta and others at the time. Now he comes into town headlining a night of electro, house and dubstep. His remixes of Datsik + Bare's "King Kong," Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" and "Cudi The Kid" (the all-star collaboration of Steve Aoki, Travis Barker and Kid Cudi) burned up the blogs last year. The DJ will be joined by Lizard Lounge mainstays Radar and Shalolin, along with DayGo, Jet Leeroy and Brandon Q. -- Lee Escobedo

MacBroadz, Teezy, Kid Wonder, THRDLBL, Kye Alexander, Mike Bee, Sir3
Friday, May 31, at Andy's Basement Bar & Grill, $10

MacBroadz is a Dallas-based rap collective, record label, production company and merchandising outlet for emcees D.Smiley, Rick Blaine, P.A.T., D. Roy, CLV and DJ SofaKing. You might have caught Rick Blaine on a feature if you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Tunk live. Blaine's solo material will not disappoint, and the same goes for the rest of the MacBroadz crew. Out-of-towners on the bill include San Antonio's THRDLBL and Austin's Kye Alexander. The former serves a laid-back yet complex flow that'll get your head bobbing. The latter offers a Bone Thugs-influenced smoking soundtrack. MacBroadz shows at Andy's have been popping up more and more, which is refreshing for a venue that usually focuses on indie rock and metal. If you're looking for an entertaining local rap show outside the usual Dallas circuit, this will be well worth the drive up Interstate 35. -- Vanessa Quilantan

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