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Mike Brooks
If you love this and also staring at your laptop a lot, we want you.
We here at DC9 at Night talk about music pretty much constantly. We talk about it every weekday on the blog you're reading and once a week in the pages of the Dallas Observer. If you enjoy talking about music as much as we do, and can also express those thoughts in writing, please email me at Kiernan DOT Maletsky AT

Please include in your email:

-The words "music writer application" in the subject line.
-Three writing samples. I don't care if they are from The New Yorker or your now-defunct LiveJournal.
-A few sentences about why you're interested in writing for the section.
-A phone number where I can contact you.

Here's what you'd be getting yourself into: We work predominantly with freelancers, and you'd join a group of fine writers and DFW music experts. Hopefully, avid reader, I don't need to tell you what kinds of things you'd be working on. But I will tell you that we are interested in a wide variety of music. We are interested in interacting with people and documenting this metroplex's musicians, concerts and nightlife, and we are not interested in snobbery of any kind.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Miss U, my Burmese, is dying to write for the DO.  She is a scorching devotée of François Couperin, with an encyclopedic knowledge of his life and oeuvres.  She delivers her opinions with abandon, not unlike Myrna, and has similar peculiarities of temperament, enabling her to pepper her column with ferocious invective, making for a lively discussion.

I'm sure she would be a perfect addition to your team.  She will need several nap breaks, of course, and will expect a treat or two daily.  A clean box is imperative.  A quiet comfortable corner office will suffice and she can start immediately.  At a later date we can outline genteel indications regarding compensation.

References are not necessary.  You can take my word on this one.


DC9 at Night
DC9 at Night

Yeah right, like that'd be enough to get our attention. Dead ends, all around.

Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill

Pick me! I know this one dude named Nick Lucchesi

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