Kanye West on Saturday Night Live: Five Reasons I Will Stay Home and Watch

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I don't think we have really gotten in the weeds about my feelings for Kanye West, but know this about me: My name is Deb and I am a West apologist. He is temperamental and sensitive in ways that feel vintage rock star in today's cookie cutter world of celebrity people pleasing. He is arrogant in ways I am frankly envious of. It would be easy to dismiss his declarations of greatness if I didn't so ardently agree with him, but in my humble opinion West is frequently as great, or at least as compelling, as he says he is. In both content and character.

Now after a few leaks from his upcoming work set to be released, (we think) June 18th, he is set to perform this week on Saturday Night Live. These are five reasons I will be staying home to watch the performance:

5. This Saturday Night Live Performance

Before we even get into Kanye West's current headspace, let's take a look in the rearview of what West has already pulled off in the SNL arena.

Remember when this performance started and you thought it was a commercial or it was going to be a pre-recorded SNL Digital Short but it was Kanye's live performance of Power (shout out to Symbolyc One!). West, here giving little care for what performances "look" like on SNL wouldn't be so significant except for the fact that EVERYONE else just performs in the fake subway station or whatever with little regard for using the live medium to do something singular or extraordinary. This is the equivalent of those contemporary paintings you see and say, "Yeah, I mean, my kid could do that."

Well, guess what? Your kid didn't do it, Kanye West did it.

4. West's Open Disregard for the SNL Cast

When West performed Power on SNL he edited the lyric, "Fuck SNL and the whole cast, Tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass," a line written in response to jokes on the show made by both Taylor Lautener and Taylor Swift when hosting after KANYE-WAS-RIGHT-BEY-SHOULD-HAVE-GOTTEN-THAT-VMA-AWARD-gate. That was some serious restraint shown by a generally excessive communicator, but he seems to really being getting low on the "giving a fuck" because this is the promo he recorded for this weeks show with Ben Affleck, where he seems to hate the very likable Fred Armisen.

West is certainly never an artist to fear confrontation, this added tension is hopefully creating the perfect environment of creativity, pressure and opposition that West really thrives in. It might be uncomfortable for the writers, but I feel like the pay off for viewers will be worth it. (And the Lorne Michaels might get a kick out of it.)

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I thought his performance was pretty good.  He still has a pretty shitty flow and his lyrics aren't always that great.  But, man, the stage set up he had and they beats from his new music are pretty awesome.  I respect him in the fact he's always on some other shit from whatever is going on in hip-hop... so I respect him for that.


Kanye is a racist jerk and his performance on SNL was horrid! Cant believe that stuff has any following! The public keeps giving him a platform and he puts his foot in his mouth each time. Next time if he is on SNL - put him after weekend update so I dont have to keep the channel on for that trash!


@lzippitydoo I thought he was married to a white woman, and now has a mixed child so how is he racist? Can someone please explain what he said that is so racist? One comment please?  

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