Justin Timberlake, Josh Groban, Devin the Dude and More Top Show Announcements

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Justin Timberlake
Yesterday we unleashed the beast of information that is Justin Timberlake coming to town. For those of you who are fans and who haven't yet heard, commence pants-shitting. Now on to other business! Let's not forget about Alpha Rev, Devin the Dude and more; specifically Josh Groban, who has been keeping the moms of America swooning since 1997. Eh, Eh?

Justin Timberlake
Wednesday, December 4, at American Airlines Center

Tickets go on sale for this Monday, so if you're interested, don't blow your whole paycheck on sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll this weekend.

Josh Groban
Wednesday, November 13, at American Airlines Center

Josh Groban has pretty much done it all, including going multi-platinum, and nowadays he's hitting the road for his "In the Round" Tour, where he performs on nothing but 360-degree stages.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Torres
Tuesday, June 11, at Three Links

Brooklyn-based 23-year-old Aly Spaltro will play guitar and sing with a handful of talented musicians on her Midwest tour for her debut album, appropriately titled Ripely Pine; and it should be mentioned that she opens for Neko Case on some of those dates.

Saturday, June 15, at House of Blues

Tesla is the '80s rock band whose songs make you go, "Oh snap, I didn't know they did that song!"

Alpha Rev
Friday, July 12, at Granada Theater

Austin's Alpha Rev is on the up-and-up it seems. Their Kirtland Records release, Bloom, is--pardon the French--"indie", in all ways.

Devin the Dude
Friday, August 30th

Devin the Dude is what happens two days after you put six ounces of weed, a microphone and a Dr. Dre album in a jar and shake it up real good.

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Devin the Dude is at the Granada. 

Curren$y at the Prophet Bar, May 17

Appleseed Cast at Dada, July 10

RX Bandits at the Prophet Bar, July 11

Ours at the Prophet Bar, August 10


@ChrisYu I had no idea that I've been listening to fake music all these years. thanks, guy!

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