Denton's All Stars Pay Tribute to Jason Molina: Preview

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The passing of Jason Molina in March was met with much sadness amongst the musician community of Texas -- Molina had a wide influence on many in the state. Now a group of Texas based artist have teamed with curator Randy Reynolds to create Lone Star Horizons: A Texas Tribute to Jason Molina.

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Featuring cover art from the hugely talented Tony Ferraro and appearances from local artists such as Delmore Pilcrow, The Blurries, Star Head, Ryan Thomas Becker, Daniel Markham and the aforementioned Folmer. Denton mainstay Issac Hoskins' haunting rendition of Magnolia Electric Co.'s "Leave The City" particularly stands out on an album that features some truly great takes on the work of one of the greatest songwriters we've ever seen. All proceeds will go to the Jason Molina Medical Fund which benefits Molina's family. You can find the album for sale on bandcamp on May 16th and a limited edition cassette of the compilation will be available through Accrue Cassettes. You can get a sneak peak of album in the above video which features Becker's take on "Soul." Full artist and Track list can be found below.

1. Battle Bend - Hot Black Silk
2. The Blurries - Hard To Love A Man
3. Cyber Dads (Feat. James Petrall) -Just A Spark
4. Daniel Markham - Heartbreak At Ten Paces
5. Danny Rush Folmer - Being In Love
6. Delmore Pilcrow - I've Been Riding With The Ghost
7. Driftin' Luke - Rock of Ages
8. Excited States - Napoleon: How We Have Ranged
9. Ghostward - Just Be Simple
10. 10. Issac Hoskins - Leave The City
11. Jordan Moser - Get Out Get Out Get Out
12. Lex Land - Northstar Blues
13. Linen Closet - No Limit On The Words
14. R. Reynolds - Down The Wrong Road Both Ways
15. Ryan Thomas Becker - Soul
16. Some Say Leland - 34 Blues
17. Starhead - Lioness
18. Some Say Leland - Hold on Magnolia

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