Kids Review the Homegrown Music and Arts Festival

All photos by Mike Brooks
Homegrown Festival brought a solid crowd to Main Street Garden Park on a perfect Saturday. That crowd was unlike your typical concert-going group. Even for a music festival, there were a disproportionate number of kids in attendance. That's by design: Those under 10 got in for free and the day was built to be family friendly. There park is equipped with a fountain and playground, and Homegrown had face painting and magic shows set up as well. We talked to a few of the festival's young attendees (after getting permission from their parents) about what they saw and liked most.

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Age: 6
What's the best thing you've done so far today? Played on the playground.
Have you liked the bands you've heard? Yeah.

Bailey (left) and Brooke
Age: 10 and 8

What's the best thing about this music festival?
Bailey: All the music.
Brooke: The facepainting

What kind of music do you normally listen to?
Bailey: Any kind.
Brooke: 106.1!

What will you tell your friends about this festival?
Bailey: I met lots of cool people, all dressed up. And lots of dogs.
Brooke: I'll probably write a story about it.

How will your story start?
Brooke: On a beautiful Saturday...
Bailey:...or a sunny day!

Bailey: We need some moustaches up in here.
Why is that?
Brooke: Moustaches are in right now.

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We had a blast at this years Homegrown Fest. My girls (Bailey & Brooke) were so excited to be interviewed. 

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