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This weekend, Homegrown Music and Arts Festival will gather some of the area's biggest and most interesting bands at Main Street Garden Park.

This year, the lineup is once again all Texans, after the festival's organizers decided they were losing the focus of the thing by expanding beyond the state's borders for bands last year. Megan Morris tells the whole story in this week's music feature.

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The bands are overwhelmingly from Dallas proper. There are also a few Austin entrants, as well as one each from Houston and Fort Worth. Here's the full lineup and schedule with a song we think you should start with from each artist.

Homegrown 2013

9:30 Divine Fits
Hometown: Austin's Britt Daniel, also of Spoon, fronts this one alongside Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade (et. al.), Sam Brown of New Bomb Turks and Alex Fischel. Austin's been a sort of jumping off point for the band.

8:25 Polyphonic Spree
Hometown: Dallas

7:35 The Relatives
Hometown: Dallas

6:45 Larry g(EE)
Hometown: Dallas

6:00 A.Dd+
Hometown: Dallas

5:20 Band of Heathens
Hometown: Austin

4:40 Somebody's Darling
Hometown: Dallas

4:00 The O's
Hometown: Dallas

Beard (Official Music Video) from Burning Hotels on Vimeo.

3:20 Burning Hotels
Hometown: Fort Worth

2:40 Zhora
Hometown: Dallas

2:00 Quiet Company
Hometown: Austin

1:20 The Tontons
Hometown: Houston

12:40 J. Charles & The Trainrobbers
Hometown: Dallas

12:00 Madison King
Hometown: Dallas

11:20 Data Howler
Hometown: Dallas

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gotta miss another good one. know I can count on DC9 for coverage of this great local event. right?

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