Foxy Brown Lies About Jay-Z's Sex Life and Other Controversies

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Foxy Brown and Jay-Z in more amiable times.

Where to begin? #raptwitter had a big day yesterday, with big stories breaking left and right. From a Foxy Brown hoax to a pseudo-Big Tymers reunion, here are your biggest hip-hop news stories of the week:

Yesterday started off with a shocking report of Foxy Brown dishing out some pretty wild allegations about Jay-Z. The story, which was posted April 19, went viral this morning. In it, the author states that Foxy Brown tells all about 28-year-old Jay-Z taking her virginity when she was only 15. Other accusations of the Jigga man leaving her with a case of gonorrhea, being a "tranny chaser" and filming a threesome home video with Brown and actor Jamie Foxx were pretty jarring to read first thing in the morning (which I did). The post even quotes Foxy referring to Beyonce as a "halitosis infected heffa." Then, as quickly as the story caught steam, it was debunked by Reggie Osse of's The Combat Jack Show.

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Just when the Danny Brown stage blowjob controversy (which I talked about last week) was about to die down, the Old & Reckless tour hit New York's Irving Plaza Tuesday night. Devon Maloney over at our affiliate, Village Voice, was on hand to witness yet another event in this tour's uncomfortable timeline. During opening act Kitty's set, Maloney describes "a throng of over-stimulated, over-privileged white boys in the crowd" maintaining a chant of "SUCK HIS DICK! SUCK HIS DICK!" This caused a lot of uproar yesterday, including fans attacking Danny Brown for not coming to her rescue. I highly recommend Maloney's article, as it is the best I've read about this whole scandal and make some very valid points. But after almost two weeks of countless op-eds about this, #raptwitter is ready to move on.

In perhaps the best and most light-hearted news of the day, Gucci Mane took to Twitter to announce that Chicago's Chief Keef has joined forces with Brick Squad. The 17-year-old "Love Sosa" rapper is a great addition to Gucci's squad and will no doubt cement them as a force to reckon with this year. Good timing, considering Gucci's recent legal troubles.

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observeeverything 1 Like

This article as it pertains to Foxy Brown is horribly titled at best and libelous at worse.  Why does the headline accuse Foxy Brown of "lying", yet the article states that she did not say these things at all?   What ever happened to basic journalism skills and editors who know how to prepare articles for print.  This is pitiful.  


@observeeverything people write what they THINK people want to read true or not and the title no matter how false it was......did catch everyones attention....the funny part is even if it were true people would STILL say she is lying because you know Jay-Z would NEVER do any of those things right?  


@observeeverything - Agreed. But, hey, the title did capture our attentions - so they're doing something "right" ;)

keeponkeepinitdown 1 Like

@observeeverything This was written by a white woman who listens to rap, smokes weed and paints fake fingernails. Twitter != journalism. 


@keeponkeepinitdown I absolutely listen to rap, smoke weed, and paint fake fingernails. There is no shame in my game there. However, I am of multiracial (mostly Latina) heritage. Not sure what my race has to do with Twitter, but I thought I'd clear that up. Thank you for reading!

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