Dia De Los Toadies' 2013 Lineup is (Mostly) Here

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Caity Colvard
The Toadies at 2009's fest.
The Toadies' annual rock hangout festival, Dia De Los Toadies, returns in mid-September, this time to Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth. It's the first time the fest has taken place in the Toadies' hometown. Today, 11 of the 16 bands have been announced; you can see the full list below.

There will also be a semi-acoustic performance the night before, featuring the Toadies, James Hall and Will Johnson. Tickets for both are on sale now.

Dia De Los Toadies 2013

Friday, September 13
7 p.m. at Panther Island Pavilion

James Hall
Centro-Matic's Will Johnson.

Saturday, September 14
2 p.m. at Panther Island Pavilion

Gary Clark Jr.
The Dirty River Boys
The Burning Hotels
The O's
Oil Boom
The Cush
The School of Rock "Dean's List"

The lineup is (so far) entirely Texas-based. Our guess is that the remaining bands will be out-of-state folks, but who knows. The bands, as always, have been handpicked by the Toadies.

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DC9 at Night
DC9 at Night

Right, totally -- I meant the main festival itself.

Wes Nile
Wes Nile

Totally. James Hall is just... he's just a king. So good.

Mel Mosa
Mel Mosa

Not all of it. JAMES HALL is so bad ass!!!

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