Top Show Announcements: Portugal. The Man, Sons of Fathers, Alice In Chains, The Blank Tapes and More

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Portugal. The Man
We're a just a touch skimpier on the announcements today than we normally are, but we've got five super diverse ones for ya. Portugal. The Man, a Glee star's solo effort, a one-man L.A. psych band, a festival launch party and a hodgepodge of '80s bands like Alice In Chains and Jane's Addiction on the same bill. Somebody somewhere is excited about every single one of these.

Portugal. The Man
Tuesday, June 25, at House of Blues, $25

These guys have a new album dropping in just eight days called Evil Friends.

Homegrown Festival IV Launch Party
Friday, May 10, at Granada Theater, $15-$30

I'm not exactly sure why a pre-festival launch party is necessary on the day before Homegrown Festival begins, but Sons of Fathers is headlining, and I'll use any excuse to party.

Darren Criss
Monday, June 3, at House of Blues, $25

If you're a fan of the show Glee, you'll know exactly who this guy is. He's venturing out on a 16-date solo tour.

The Blank Tapes, Beach Day
Saturday, June 8, at Bryan Street Tavern, $10

L.A. musician Matt Adams, whom you may know as The Blank Tapes, has produced more than 10 albums of poppy psych- and surf-rock on his handy eight-track cassette tape recorder in various garages, basements, sheds and bedrooms across the California Coast.

Uproar Festival
Wednesday, August 28, at Gexa Energy Pavilion

Uproar Festival will include a lineup of old-meets-new, featuring Alice In Chains and Jane's Addiction joined by Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Walking Papers, Middle Class Rut and more.

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more like the upchuck festival or was cash grab festival taken? and I love both Alice in chains and Janes Addiction

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