The Eight Bands Most in Need of a Senior Citizen Ticket Discount

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Timothy Norris for LA Weekly: Slideshow
The sad thing is he's still in better shape than we are.

So the Rolling Stones have announced their first large tour in 6 years, and their "50 And Counting" jaunt will see them stop in nine cities across North America. This is borderline amazing considering that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger are 69 and CHARLIE WATTS IS 71 FREAKING YEARS OLD. Can you imagine playing rock music and partying non-stop for 50 years? Do you realize what that would do to your very appearance? You could try imagining this, or you could just look at a picture of Keith Richards. On second thoughts, don't do it. There's no need.

The prices for the tour are expected to be astronomical, what with prices for their short 2012 stint averaging around $530. To steal a joke from British comic Viz, you could get much the same effect as attending one of the concerts by watching your grandfather play guitar from three miles away while burning your life savings.

The fact is that many of their fans have reached retirement and are living on a fixed income, so we think that there needs to be a some sort of Senior Discount. In fact we've noticed many other legendary bands are touring and charging prices that would make a billionaire blush, despite the law of diminishing returns and the problems inherent in trying to "rock out" when you're reliant on medication, oxygen, and narcotics, not necessarily in that order. Here are eight other acts that need to take immediate steps to cater for their older fanbase.

8. The Who
Some of us will have the shirtless visage of Roger Daltrey's performance at the Concert for Sandy Relief permanently burned into our minds till the day we die. How a man his age finds the energy to hit the gym and the tanning bed we'll never know. Throw in Pete Townsend's creepy uncle tendencies and the fact that he and Daltrey are the only original members performing and you kind of don't want to pay $300 for a bad view and strained vocals. --Jaime-Paul Falcon

7. Bruce Springsteen
We have nothing bad to say about a man who reportedly shows up at sound check to play full acoustic sets and then plays none stop for 3 hours every night. We are, however, quite worried that Little Stevie is going to collapse on stage one night. (JPF)

6. Blue Oyster Cult
I don't know the keyboard command for an umlaut. Deal with it. Formed in 1967, and with only one remaining original member, BOC are actually playing in Richardson next month. No, really. While they might be Burnin' For You, they're so old now that said burnin' can only be dealt with by yet another extremely expensive medical procedure. By this point, both the band and their fans should fear the reaper. Yes. I went there. --Gavin Cleaver

5. Fleetwood Mac
This tour actually kicks off tomorrow as the sort of reunited, but not really because Christine McVie isn't with them, Fleetwood Mac goes around the world for the first time since 2004. This is going to be interesting for two reasons, 1) who knows if the perpetually "out-there" Stevie Nicks is going to keep it together and 2) how the hell is Lindsey Buckingham going to find time to show up on What's Up With That? Nose bleed seats start at around $100. (JPF)

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Fleetwood Mac last toured in 2009, not in 2004.....


yea, these guys are old ... but they rock more and better than 99% of what has come out since. There is NOBODY in the last 30 - 40 years that has come close to the indelible impression made by Dylan, the Beatles and the Stones, as well as The Who and Neil Young and Hendrix. Nobody. What music from the last decade, or two, or three, will last 50 years from now? Taylor Swift? Justin Timberlake? Kanye ??? I really don't think so.


@txmuzik I'm willing to argue that Kanye has made a lasting impression on music.


@JaimesonPaul @txmuzik I think Kanye is an arrogant schmuck and won't have near the lasting impression of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding or Marvin Gaye. Millions of people know and can sing along to their songs/hits still today and I imagine for years to come. Can't hum one single Kanye tune.

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