The Baptist Generals' "Fly Candy Harvest" Official Video Premiere

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The Baptist Generals' Jackleg Devotional to the Heart comes out in a little less than a month via Sub Pop. It will be the Denton band's first record in ten years and it is exactly as masterful as you'd expect. Want proof? "Fly Candy Harvest," the video for which you can see for the first time right here, didn't even make the cut. Listen, and just imagine what did.

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The video was directed by band member Jason Reimer, who is also the director of the beloved Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. See how many local notables you can name.

You can preorder Jackleg Devotional to the Heart via Sub Pop. If you do that, you get "Fly Candy Harvest" as part of the deal. The Baptist Generals will go on a national tour with The Mountain Goats in June.

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