Record Store Day 2013: Your Guide to DFW Events

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Patrick Michels
A previous Record Store Day.

April 20 might be the biggest music day in North Texas this year. We have Untapped Fest in Fort Worth, Har Mar Superstar will turn Bryan Street Tavern into the area's best dance party and Dada will have some of the best local hip-hop in the area. 4/20 is also the date of of this years' annual Record Store Day, sort of a Christmas for music nerds who love exclusive/limited releases, and as per tradition several local record shops are throwing parties in conjunction of the event.

Much like our area's record shops, these events are varied and tailored to each shop's general taste, which makes it hard to figure out which event you want to attend. So to save you from slogging through Facebook event pages we've gathered all the shows we could find and put them in one place for you. Below you'll find a town-by-town breakdown of shops that are having events.

Danny Fulgencio
Mad World Records owner Mark Burke.


Mad World Records

So far the only artist announced is Portland, Maine's Kurt Baker, who will perform an acoustic set mostly made up of songs from his 2012 release Brand New Beat. Expect more bands to be added to this event as we get closer, as Mad World has been known to throw a solid all-day party since the shop's inception in 2011.

Recycled Books & Records

Recycled Books has put together line-up of Denton musicians to perform on Saturday. Denton staples, and recent touring mates, Ryan Thomas Becker and Tony Ferraro highlight a group of Denton's best acts that also includes Mariachi Quetzal, and Fox and
Bird. In typical Recycled fashion they have decided to turn Record Store Day into a full bore Customer Appreciation extravaganza and will be offering 15% off on all merchandise in the store Friday through Sunday. That's 15% off every book, CD, Blu-Ray, DVD, and LP in the store.

Kat Shimamoto

Fort Worth

Doc's Records & Vintage

For those of you heading to Untapped Fest, you might want to make a detour before going to Panther Pavilion and stop by Doc's for some free beer, food and music. Doc's line-up is pretty Fort Worth-centric and features performances from Sealion, Toy Gun, Pinkish Black, Vorvon, New Science Projects, Mailman and my current favorite local act, Doom Ghost. As a bonus, Doc's features one of the most knowledgable and friendly record store staffs you'll ever encounter. They're more then happy to help you go crate digging for that Wham! record you're looking for.

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Dead Wax Records

1608 whitlock ln.

Unit H

Carrollton, TX 75006


Record Town on University in Fort Worth. Leans towards jazz and the blues but they will happily order anything your little heart desires


You forgot to list Movie Trading Comany: Greenville, Lewisville.  They Do IT as well !


@Cinjamin We were mainly listing stores that were having live music celebrations. But, you are right, it should be noted that stores like Movie Trading Company, Entertainmart, Forever Young, Cd Universe, Dead Wax and Eargasam will have RSD exclusives. 

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