Chadrick Honore is The Youngest Player in the Legendary Rebirth Brass Band: Get Familiar

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At 25 years old, Chadrick Honore has lived the life of a man at least twice his age. The New Orleans native and esteemed trumpet player for Rebirth Brass Band has traveled the world, won a Grammy, and contributed to the critically acclaimed HBO series Treme. But the devoted father & true music fan is hardly what you'd expect from a young musician with his CV. The incredibly down to earth Honore has done a hell of a job not letting his grand accomplishments affect his ego. Before Rebirth Brass Band hits the Kessler Theater tonight- Chad tells us why he loves to play Dallas, how his first solo album is coming along, and the story of his first professional gig at the age of twelve in Japan.

Thanks for taking the time to talk, I know you've been busy touring lately. Are you back home now?
Yeah, we do a weekly Tuesday night gig at The Maple Leaf, so I'm getting ready to head to that tonight. It's always a fun Tuesday night thing in New Orleans.

Dallas has always been a good market for you guys, and I know Keith Frazier [a founding member of Rebirth Brass Band] lives in Fort Worth. What do you like about playing Dallas?
Dallas in some way always feels like home. It's got a homey feeling. There's a lot of New Orleans folks that have been displaced since Katrina and whatnot that come out to the show, we have our Dallas family that comes out to the show. So it always feels like a reunion type of big family party.

Will we be seeing anymore Rebirth Brass Band appearances on the final season of Treme?
We don't have any appearances in the last season of Treme, but we did cover a lot of horn parts that will be played. Wendell Pierce, his trombone parts are played by our trombone player, Stafford Agee. The actor Rob Brown, his trumpet parts are actually being played by a young guy named Leroy and myself.

What do you like about working on Treme?
It's good exposure in terms of the National eye, but to me it was basically another gig really... Sometimes people will stop me on the street like 'Oh you're the guy from Treme!', but I'm just something on there, that's all... I'm not that flamboyant and whatnot. I'm not that type of person.

You're working on your first solo album, hip hop vocals over horn-based tracks, from what I understand. Could you tell me more about that?
It's going to be more hip hop and R&B type of stuff, kind of more mainstream. I'm trying to find my own way with the solo stuff.

What are some of your bigger influences in terms of hip hop?
As far as hip hop, I listen to the "good" and "bad". I don't really have a big number or list... the top guys like, Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye, Timbaland, Pharrell. I listen to everybody whether or not people think it's corny or people think it's the hottest stuff out, so I can get an idea of where music is going and what the next level is... it's just different styles. Not everyone is going to think Gucci Mane is as good as Jay-Z, but Gucci Mane's biggest fan thinks he is. I like everything, even beyond hip hop. I like jazz, rock music, R&B, gospel, classical. I've got a wide variety of music I like... I'm just trying to put everything in a big gumbo pot and make my own style.

You're the youngest member to ever play in Rebirth Brass Band, you're a Grammy winner. When you think about the things you've accomplished so young, is it surreal? Has it really sunk in?
It has sunk in a little bit, and the pressure is on. Now that I've won one, I want so many more (laughing). I want to win so many more. The day [Rebirth Brass Band] actually won the Grammy, on February 12th, we didn't actually get it that day. We had to wait a few months, until the beginning of May. When it came in the mail I opened my box, and I had a real Grammy in my hand, and I was like- "Wow, look what I just did!". And I was 24 at the time, so it was like, man! That was an awesome feeling, man. I've never really felt anything that awesome before, besides having my daughter. That's a whole other level right there.

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