The Five DFW Punk Albums We're Most Excited About for Spring/Summer/Whenever Punk Time Allows

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Eric Grubbs
Atomic Tanlines
Front-woman Ally Play-Nice of the Atomic Tanlines once told me, "Punk isn't about what you wear or how many patches you have on your vest. It's a fucking lifestyle."

The genre's ethos alive and well in DFW. Most bands couldn't give me a definitive release date, album title or track listing for their upcoming releases. However, I was able to gather enough hear-say, rumors and drunken murmurs on a few local records that are supposed to drop this year.

Atomic Tanlines

"Bands record sporadically," Ally says. "No one is big enough to announce they have a record coming out in a few months. So what normally happens is people record all in one day, then tell all their fans, 'Hey! We just recorded an album, listen!'"

Last year's Demo was an exhilarating, and thought provoking introduction to the Atomic Tanlines' blend of queer-theory and afro-jazz style. On "Fuck My Reproductive Duty!!!" Ally slams your eardrums until you're left in a daze. Their next record will be released through Dallas Distortion Music, and even DDM co-founder Evan Henry doesn't know what to expect. "If it's anything like their live show, it's gonna rule," he says. Even though the band has went through a few line-up changes, they're sure to crack the whip on all the little punks out there ready for a good sonic spanking.

Via Sealion's Facebook page.

Also being released on DDM is Sealion's Kenneth, featuring ten new tracks recorded in a single day. The four-piece did the work at J. Britt Robisheaux's studio in Fort Worth and brought in the legendary Carl Saff, who's worked with STRFKR, Young Adults and Guided By Voices, to master the album.

The band has been playing around town pretty extensively lately, with stops at 35 Denton and SXSW. I'm sure some of the recent on-the-road stories and late night soirees made for pretty kick-ass writing material.

Sealion and Datahowler will have a joint album release party on May 24th at Three Links Deep Ellum.

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rbeezlee 1 Like

Translation: Five Bands I'm Friends With Or Want To Be Friends With Who Claim They Play Punk Rock And Because I Have No Idea What Punk Is I Will Say They Are (I) Punk And (II) The Best

frank347 1 Like

Missile & the Phuss!


@frank347 please abort yourself so you dont procreate more children with awful fucking tastes in music


Seriously, do you have to be such an asshole? Hope I never meet you or your children! War Party and Sealion are fucking kickass and their shows are crazy. Can't wait til the rest of the world hears the new Sealion album!


@frank347 I like both of those bands but they most certainly aren't punk rock.

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