Ten Adorable Pets Owned By DFW Musicians

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Musician Christopher Hughes tattooed his music-loving cat George onto his arm.
Pets are like family. Really, they can be better than family; They don't complain about your haircut, career goals or new girlfriend. For these 10 Dallas-Fort Worth musicians, their pets are everything: sources of inspiration, a friend when it gets lonely and most importantly, an ear to their music. Whether you've seen these furry creatures at the bar patio, heard their pitter-patter in the background of local recordings, or "liked" their silly videos on Facebook, let's take a moment to recognize some of DFW's most awesome music-loving pets.

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Human: Christopher Hughes, musician and sound engineer at Miscellaneous Sound
Pet: George, cat

What is his full name?
George P. Orridge.

What kind of cat is he?
Grey Tabby.

What is George's favorite type of music?
He's into Serge Gainsbourg and free jazz.

Where all have you taken George music-wise?
George gets social anxiety around large groups of people, so he doesn't go to shows. However, we've taken two cross-country road trips, blasting Guided By Voices most of the way.

What is George's favorite food?
Fancy Feast "Tuna Feast" (flaked).

What is George's favorite activity?
Sprawling out across my shoes and basking in the odor.

Have you taken George to work?
I've offered. He refuses.

Has George been featured on any recordings or in any videos?
He's never "featured," but he gets involved whenever he feels the need.

Dog Cover.jpg
The Baptist Generals front man Chris Flemmons' dog Brunswick is on the cover of their first album.

Human: Chris Flemmons, The Baptist Generals
Pet: Brunswick, dog

What is Brunswick's full name?
Charles B. Brunswick. The "B." over years has served a number of applications depending on his behavior/demeanor. Biscuit, Born-crazy, Big-head, Bro-dini, Bestie, Behind-the-eightball, and some days Bast#%?! animal. In the litter I watched him regularly push his way quietly through his pile of siblings and decided to name him after that billiard/bowling company.

What kind of dog is he?
Australian Shepherd and Shar Pei.

What is Brunswick's favorite type of music?
Kraut-rock, Happy Jazz, Bacon.

Where all have you taken Brunswick music-wise?
He's a regular at Dan's Silver Leaf. He's been to Rubber Gloves and one time pooped on stage in the middle of my set there. He's been on a couple of solo tours. He's been to the St. Louis Arch. He's walked up the Exorcist stairs, and got kicked out of the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. I remember telling the security guard I thought it was "pretty un-American that a dog can't visit the Lincoln Memorial and where's the sign saying I can't have my dog here?". At least he took a drink from the Reflecting Pool before all that happened. He has scarfed down a Nathan's hot dog from the original location on the Coney Island boardwalk. These are things every red-blooded American mutt should experience.

What is Brunswick's favorite food?
Roma Tomatoes. Used to feed them to him whole but three years ago he almost choked to death on one and I had to doggy-Heimlich him. Frightening for me, once it was out of his mouth he tried to resume eating it like nothing had just happened. Little bastard. Now he gets quarter slices.

What is Brunswick's favorite activity?
Year after year his primary motivation is food. Ways to get food. Psychic Force; Food.
Brunswick never met a trash can he couldn't make an exhibitional disaster out of. This is his art. The day before his 10th birthday he figured out how to open the same fridge he'd been around for the previous 10 years. A few months after that he destroyed the 10th Anniversary Rock Lottery cake, decorated with the event's poster art, and being stored in that fridge. He'd figured out the locking mechanism I'd installed to prevent destruction like that. Bro-dini. This is his art.

Before demonstrating locksport prowess, one time I came home to find my crock pot, upright, in the center of the kitchen floor. When I'd left the house it was on the counter with a half-done pot roast in it. I didn't see spattered stew anywhere. The interior of the ceramic pot had been licked clean and was sitting in its heating base. What I had no explanation for was the fact that the glass lid was in its place on top of the ceramic pot.

I placed my fist to where the lid met the pot, and pushed. The lid fell off on the floor easily. Brunswick's head is three times the size of my fist. His big head in that pot would have pushed that lid off onto the floor. To this day I believe the kid made a lucky landing of getting the crock pot off the counter, feasted, and then -- with much self-loathing and regret -- replaced the glass lid and went to go hide. Shame, shame, shame-filled Bro-dini.

Have you taken Brunswick to work?
Undercover, he lived (as I did) in the 35 Denton office for a year or so. Years before that when I worked for a film production house, he was a studio dog.

Has Brunswick been featured on any recordings or in any videos?

On Baptist Generals first release Dog, Brunswick barks and ruins a live recording of the first track, "2/3 Jim's Head." He didn't ruin it really -- he made the track better. Rubber Gloves owner Josh Baish had knocked at the door.

Human: Jason Reimer, creative director at Texas Theater; musician in Baptist Generals and History at Our Disposal
Pet: Fitz, dog

What is Fitz's full name?
Fitzgerald Scott Fitzgerald

What kind of dog is he?
Schnorkie: one half Yorkie, one half Schnauser.

What is Fitz's favorite type of music?
One hundred percent '60s tropicalia--without a doubt.

Where all have you taken Fitz music-wise?
He's been to 35 Denton pretty much every year, including when it was called NX35. He's been to South by Southwest. Before we moved to Oak Cliff he was at several shows at Dan's Silverleaf, which is an incredibly dog friendly bar. He's been to dozens of events at the Texas Theatre.

What is Fitz's favorite food?
In-n-Out cheeseburger, or cat poop.

What is Fitz's favorite activity?
Trying to kill squirrels, (failing always).

Have you taken Fitz to work?
Yes, for sure. Fitzel is with me almost always so he's been with me since we got the Texas Theatre opened. He's sometimes in the audience during movies without anyone knowing, sitting next to me.

Has Fitz been featured on any recordings or in any videos?
He's on the most recent History at Our Disposal record and he was the partial inspiration for recent "Dog That Bit You" video I directed for Baptist Generals and Sub Pop.

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I would like to post my outrage that my cat Elvis did not make this list.  His howling to my off-key singing in the shower provides an important muse to my recordings.  Said musical recordings are a huge impact in the underground music scene in Dallas and just cannot be overlooked.

Miranda Alvarado
Miranda Alvarado

Michael Briggs I love the answers "fluffy" and "industrial". Hahaha! This is so great.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Katniss, as you can see, likes her semi-purrsonhood, what with the people teeth and contacts. 

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