The Top Ten Must-See Concerts in DFW This Week: April 18-24

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Justin Townes Earle will headline Untapped Fort Worth with Sarah Jaffe this weekend.
Can we just take a second to acknowledge that the weather in Dallas-Fort Worth these past couple of weeks has been glorious? Optimal for outdoor shows, BYOB events and the like, the weather should remain this awesome--barring a tornado or two--for a short while longer (before the inevitable Texas summer heatwave descends upon us all). To usher in the incredible, short-lived spring weather, we've roped-in several concerts for you this week, which includes Saturday's Untapped festival in Fort Worth, at which the weather will be decidedly sunny and 70 degrees. Beer-swillers and Jaffe fans rejoice! Dallas will be getting its Untapped pretty soon, too, so hold tight Big D. Read about the nine other must-see concerts below, including party boy Har Mar Superstar, Crystal motherfucking Castles, Record Store Day (also partially outdoors) and more.

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Untapped Fort Worth: Justin Townes Earle, Deer Tick, Sarah Jaffe, Tennis
Saturday, April 20, at Panther Island Pavilion, $22-$58

Imagine, if you will, a glorious future when the nation's premier craft brews, the best barbecue place within 200 miles (trust me here people, I'm not just a music writer) and the well-chosen cream of the folky-country style music that would perfectly accompany said food and drink were to collide in some sort of outdoor event, possibly on the banks of a river. People, this glorious future is Saturday, and it takes the form of the Untapped Festival. I don't feel like I'm exaggerating when I say that if you miss this event, people will spend years laughing at you. Literally years. Do you want that? Is that what you want to happen? Do you want to miss out on a day when you can watch Sarah Jaffe while sipping a Left Hand Milk Stout and eating Pecan Lodge brisket? Because if you do not want to go to this festival, you and I are no longer friends. Capiche? -- Gavin Cleaver

Adam Hood
Thursday, April 18, at Billy Bob's, $10

In the world of Red Dirt rock and Texas country, there are plenty of familiar voices. There are also plenty of bland, indistinguishable voices. Alabama native Adam Hood has arguably the most instantly recognizable voice currently gracing regional radio waves, thanks to a spot-on drawl that just won't quit. While Hood's trademark tune, "22 Days Too Long," with its hook-packed chorus, is still getting regular spins, it isn't the tune that makes the strongest case for his distinctive greatness. "I'll Sing About Mine," a mainstream-country-bashing song that Hood co-wrote with Brian Keane, hit Texas gold when current Greek Row king Josh Abbott covered it on his latest album. For a quick, easy lesson in Red Dirt distinctiveness, listen to Hood's soulfully twangy version from his current album, "The Shape of Things," then immediately listen to Abbott's squeaky version of the same tune. The result will be akin to slugging a few ounces of Wild Turkey, only to then sip on a Mountain Cooler Capri Sun. At this point, Hood's name isn't the biggest in Texas, but his voice just damn well might be. -- Kelly Dearmore

Sans Soleil, Bludded Head, Akkolyte, Cerulean Giallo
Friday, April 19, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, $3/5

The boys over at local label Gutterth Productions are at it again, and are presenting their bajillionth awesome "episode" this weekend at Rubber Gloves. It seems fitting that instrumental post-rock quintet San Soleil, a talented group that specializes in experimental psychedelia, should headline this bill. Songs like "Memento Mori" and "Oil of Vitriol" are lengthy, fuzz-drenched drones that should appeal to fans of Yo La Tengo's edgier material. Bludded Head have played sparsely in the past few months, so that should give fans of Nevada Hill and cellist Darcy Neal's whole-note-power-chord-death-fuzz something to drool about. Local openers Akkolyte and Cerulean Giallo fit the bill like a glove, so they will no doubt pick up any proverbial slack to be had on this experimental, psych-noise lineup. -- Rachel Watts

The O's, Telegraph Canyon, I Love Math
Friday, April 19, at Granada Theater, $12-$29

It seems that, since 2009, every time I turn around I either see The O's listed on a flier, or someone's discussing them within earshot. The Americana-meets-Southern rock 'n' roll boys have quite the following these days, and have been hard at work planning the release of their follow-up to 2011's Between the Two. Local folk favorites Telegraph Canyon and I Love Math (made up of Old 97's members) will open the show. -- Rachel Watts

Record Store Day
Saturday, April 20, at Good Records, Free

On beautiful, hallowed Record Store Day, Good Records will be celebrating its 13th birthday, complete with limited releases, refreshments and, of course, 16 kick-ass local bands: Shinyribs, The Relatives, Myopic, Bashe, Blackstone Rangers, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Cutter, A.Dd+, Vulgar Fashion, War Party, Datahowler, Dark Rooms and ending the night with Unconscious Collective. Track Meet DJ Crew, which includes Ynfynyt Scroll, Air DJ, and Shooknite, will be spinning an eclectic blend of world beats, hip-hop and electronic music in the parking lot all day. And there will be food and drinks from the likes of Dough Boys Pizza, Hypnotic Donuts and Red Bull. The Vintage Mobile will be in the parking lot as well for all of your vintage clothing desires. This show is all ages, so bring out the pups. -- Rachel Watts

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