The Ten Best Raver Dance Moves at Ultra: GIFs

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All photos by Jacob Katel
Welcome to Twerklandia.
Getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha freak on!

We all know that there are lots of ways to become immortalized at a massive outdoor music gathering like Ultra Music Festival. 

Say, humping a tree. Or dancing naked while getting arrested.

But yo' momma would probably prefer if you lived forever among these top ten twerking, Harlem Shake-ing ravers at Ultra 2013 in animated GIF! 

10. Balla' Rina
Dancing to: Benny Benassi
And if anybody ever talks shit about tutus again, just show them this picture on the Wikipedia page for "sexy and awesome"

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Well number 9 is fantastic. She's also 'Remy Lacroix'. I just, I...


HR Dept:  "I see you went to an Ultra concert in Dallas..."

Interviewee:  "Looks like I'm moving back in with Mom and Dad"



HR Dept: "Why do your eyes look like saucers, and WHY are you sucking on a pacifier?"

Interviewee: "Shit, I hope my mom's doesn't see this!"


10 hours later............


Mom (In an grating Yiddish accent):  "Arnold, ahhhhh you doing the dope? And why did you lose your job?"

Lance Lester
Lance Lester

Yes, because an EDM festival in Florida is what we want to read on a blog about the Dallas music scene.

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