Snoop Dogg's St. Patrick's Day Concert is Sold Out

Matt Oliver for the OC Weekly. Slideshow
Update, 3:12 p.m. And it's sold out! See you all Saturday.

Original post follows...

Long Beach's finest will grace the stage at the Energy Square Parking Lot in two days, and he will not be alone. Fewer than 200 tickets remain for the show as of this writing. So if you'd like to see Snoop Dogg on St. Patrick's Day, hop to it.

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Tickets are $15 and gates open at noon. A.Dd+, Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime, Ishi and The Effinays will open.

And just one final point of clarification about the Dogg/Lion situation: He's scheduled to release a reggae record sometime in "early 2013," but you get the Dogg in concert still.

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Dallas Observer
Dallas Observer

Chårlie Kuhlmån He's releasing an album as Snoop Lion but is still performing as the D-O-Double-G.

Dave Moore
Dave Moore

Where can I buy tickets that will keep me away from this?

Andrina Hayden
Andrina Hayden

What's the parking situation like? This is my first st patties day parade in Dallas.

Mike Noyes
Mike Noyes

Saw him at the Cotton Bowl last summer. Probably the most boring, uninspired thing I have ever witnessed.

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