Snoop Dogg's St. Patrick's Day Concert: Review and Photos

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Bianca Montes
Snoop Dogg delivered an hour-plus of his finest yesterday on Greenville Avenue for the Observer St. Patrick's Day Concert. We had a fine contingent of writers there, but I, your highly addled editor, was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-35 on the Megabus headed back from Austin. Throughout the afternoon, I watched my phone as it reported on drunkenness ("WOOO ST PATRICKS") and the crushing insanity ("I'm in hell!"), and, finally, the music ("A.Dd+ is just the best"). I put Doggystyle on my iPod, and stared out at the semis. What an amazing album.

Fortunately, the group we had on the grounds was more than equal to the challenge of documenting this. The following report was written by Brian Rash, Rachel Watts, Gavin Cleaver, Christian McPhate and Jaime-Paul Falcon. I hope you enjoyed yourself, everyone.

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-The Fans of the St. Patrick's Day Snoop Dogg Concert

Last year when I saw Snoop perform at the inaugural H2o Music Festival I couldn't help but notice how easily he takes over a crowd, it's like people are simply in awe of everything the man does, and as I made my way into the performance area I noticed that it wasn't a one off thing. Mid performance Snoop asked the crowd if if they liked Rock'n'Roll, with a deafening cheer he received his answer only to respond by having his DJ play a Joan Jett cut. This random genre switch bothered no one, as a group to my left immediately started singing along. Put another dime in the jukebox baby, indeed.

Half-expecting to be baked by proximity alone helped to carry me through six blocks of drunken hell, a herding of attendees as security processed us through the chutes and a small force of Dallas PD who attempted to cage the Lion before he made his appearance.

Yet, as the Sublime tribute band harnessed the spirit of Bradley Nowell, the brave few who sparked the Lion's hypnotic cigarettes were in for a surprise when a trio of Leprechauns appeared and stole the magical joints.

Watching stoners search for leprechaun thieves normally would make for good entertainment if it weren't for the constant threat of the police. The long arm of the law was quick to jump over fences to pull agitated drunks from the crowd. Whatever happened to policing ourselves?

As Snoop Lion walked out with a trio of Army Strippers, the rather large leprechauns burrowed deep into a sea of green-haired maniacs to share Snoop's love with the crowd by taking puffs off the Lion's cigarettes between drags from their Swisher Sweets. But they didn't have to worry. By the end of the night, the Dallas P-D was falling under Snoop's hypnotic lyrics.

Bianca Montes

As hundreds of people wait in line to be granted entrance into the Energy Square parking lot to see Snoop Dogg (Lion) perform, it's 3:30 p.m., and Bad Fish, the sublime Sublime cover band is playing the date rape song. Everyone is snaking around the seemingly infinite labyrinthine line created by metal guard rails. A drunk Irishman-for-a-day high fives everyone behind him, now facing him, in the guard rail maze. "High five if you want gonorrhea!" he tells all that high-five him as Bad Fish finishes their song: "And he now takes it in the behind..." The irony is not lost.

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VIP scam ripoff, pay over 3 times as much and stand in same line as people paying general admisssion to get in...TOTAL RIP OFF


Disappointed, dissatisfied, feeling completely disrespected
> My husband surprised me with VIP tickets to Snoop, my absolute favorite!!! We excitedly went to the concert's Will Call got the tickets verified & were instructed to go the VIP entrance & get our green wristband to enter smoothly....No problem...WRONG!!!! After doing so, we were rudely told they are no longer allowing VIP separate entrance & get to the back of the general admission line. The guy is yelling & treating us as if we had tried to sneak in, he was extremely abrasive & combative. Then he takes it step further & asks if we wanted our money back, needless to say, after my husband spent $130 for VIP, only to be treated like thief & told to go line up behind $20 general admission ticket holders, getting his money was exactly what we wanted. Of course, that did not happen either, the guy pawns it off, & tells us to call the office on Mon. So, no concert, no money, no Snoop. I have been to countless of concerts in my lifetime, & have never had such a s$@#y experience. We were totally ripped off!!!!!


VIP tickets for St. Patrick's Snoop Dogg show was an ABSOLUTE TOTAL RIP OFF. After spending over 3 times the general admission price, 6 weeks before the show for VIP tickets, I was told rudely when I tried  to enter the show,  that I would have to stand in the general admission line to get in........ that   was basically a cattle herding line, two blocks long. This was after I was told when I purchased the tickets there would be a separate VIP entrance. Total absolute bullsh9#$$%t.When  I was asked if I wanted my money back, I said definitely yes ......, I was then told I would have to call someone to get my money back......... When I made the call, no one would answer after waiting on hold for almost 20 minutes. The promoter basically stole $130.00 from me by not honoring the VIP or refunding my money and anyone else who paid VIP, who had to enter through general admission . Totally irresponsible, LAME, mediocracy by the promoter. The promoter obviously over sold the VIP and the General admission, then basically stuck it to everyone by running everyone through the same line. The promoter should be in jail after ripping everyone off  ..... 


the editor who's name was on every byline promoting the DO's big event was on a bus from Austin.....dear DALLAS observer, your music editor needs to be in DALLAS.

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