Pixies Reunion Rumors: Should You Be Worried Or Excited?

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The Pixies' first reunion produced one song--Kim Deal's "Bam Thwok"--and a bunch of chances for people who were born between Surfer Rosa and Tromp le Monde to see them live for the first time, and was thus low-risk-enough to be almost universally popular. Now a possible Pixies re-reunion is on the horizon, and with it some new album rumors.

This is how weird alt-rock has gotten: My Pixies-fan friends are terrified by this development.

Because for all the questioning of traditional rock-mag authority that are ostensibly built into alt-rock, alt-rock fans themselves are as deeply worried as any other set of devoted fans about their favorite bands' critical and popular favor. They're protective of a band's discography in a way that baseball fans are protective of a hitting streak, or a 100-RBI run on the back of a guy's baseball card.

The Pixies broke up right at the peak of their influence, and released their last album a couple of years before that, so they're especially stuck--a generation of huge Pixies fans has grown up with them frozen in amber as The Band That Influenced Nirvana and the band that was too good to really get famous and the band that defined all kinds of sounds that were about to grow ubiquitous without ever sounding broadly poppy themselves.

So when the latest set of Pixies rumors came out--started by a Perry Farrell tweet, of all things--

--and continuing with an Instagram from Paul McCartney's manager, of all things, and a ton of internet-detective speculation last fall, people weren't just worried about whether the new album would be good. They were worried about whether the new album would change the Pixies for them, and for the people to whom they self-identify as Pixies fans.

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