13 Things That Make for the Perfect House Show

35 Denton (Saturday) 018.JPG
Rachel Watts
The other day I told you about all of the super cool unofficial house shows and day parties that this 35 Denton has to offer. Turns out they don't disappoint. Or, at least the one all-day house show at 1401 Bolivar St. yesterday didn't. It had all of the correct elements for a perfect Denton house show, including the inevitable rain clouds that came later in the day and washed everything away like that scene from Forrest Gump. There was many rains.

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1. Kick-ass bands. Every house show needs kick-ass bands rope people in, which was certainly no problem yesterday. Go here to see the full line-up, but I'll tell you that it included acts like super group Treelines, gritty singer-songwriter Daniel Markham and surf-punk band Sealion, to name a few.

35 Denton (Saturday) 029.JPG
Rachel Watts
Daniel Markham plays in the garage at the The Human Paraquat Party on Bolivar Street Saturday

2. A cardboard schedule. Or, really just any line-up that is handwritten and resides on objects taped to the house. You gotta have organization, people. The guys hosting the show definitely hit the mark with that.

35 Denton (Saturday) 012.JPG
Rachel Watts
Saturday's schedule, taped to the garage for people to see

3. Outdoor furniture. Nothing says "shabby chic" more than a full-on living area set up in the great outdoors. Granted, all of that shit eventually got obliterated by Texas storms, but it was functional and elegant while it lasted.

35 Denton (Saturday) 018.JPG
Rachel Watts

4. The Cowboy. You know which one. There's always at least one cowboy at a Denton house show, and they come in many different shapes, sizes and attitudes. This one just so happens to be sporting Bud Light in a camo koozie and making the best candid cowboy pose ever. We are still in Texas, after all. Don't let the hipsters fool you.

35 Denton (Saturday) 021.JPG
Rachel Watts

5. The tree house. Or, really, tree goddess, judging by this picture. My God. Either way, if a house show has a tree house, a six pack and either a deck of cards or a make-out buddy, what more do you really need?

35 Denton (Saturday) 016.JPG
Rachel Watts

6. Dogs. You always need a dog at every good Denton house show, and this one just so happens to be tiny enough that its owner decided to anchor it down with nothing more than a six pack of Pacifico.

35 Denton (Saturday) 023.JPG
Rachel Watts

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