How Billy Bob's Remains a Texas Treasure for Die-Hards and Tourists Alike

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For anyone whose grown-up in the Metroplex, Billy Bob's Texas is as synonymous with this region as the Dallas Cowboys, Six Flags Over Texas or Reunion Tower are. Since opening in the equally iconic Ft. Worth Stockyards in 1981, the cavernous space has been the go-to spot for Country stars touring through town. In fact, it's the one venue in Ft. Worth that will keep a major touring national or regional act from crossing over into the eastern side of the Metroplex, more often than not.

While Country fans in their 40's, 50's and beyond will likely suggest you haven't been to a show at Billy Bob's until you've seen Willie or Merle there, the fraternity boys and sorority girls of today will be quick to tell you that there's nothing like taking in a Casey Donahew or Josh Abbott Band show with thousands of other rowdy friends inside the neon-lit venue. For those of us who are well into our mid-30's, it's likely we've seen not only the old-school legends and the current crop of young guns, but also the artists that are perhaps most responsible for the current explosion in the popularity of so-called "Texas Country." At the risk of being an elitist, regional bully, a Robert Earl Keen concert at Billy Bob's might be the most "Texan" thing a person can do for fun on a given weekend.

Perhaps more than any other reason, Billy Bob's ability to evolve with the changes in time and marketplace has kept the venue relevant beyond its touristy appeal. A current look at shows that have both taken place there recently, as well as artists scheduled to play in the near-future show a venue that is far more than an old-school music hall that happens to have it's own bull-riding ring.

Tonight, with David Allen Coe's scheduled gig shelved due to injuries sustained from a recent auto-accident, Billy Bob's called-on Rodney Parker and 50 Peso reward to fill the slot. While the DOMA-nominated band from Denton is certainly one of the best country-rock acts were have in this area, they're only one of the insurgent acts that are on the Billy Bob's upcoming events roster. Adam Hood and Six Market Boulevard are talented, but still-growing acts also playing Billy Bob's soon. In the past year, Americana icons such as Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and the Drive by Truckers have popped up on the Billy Bob's stage, which hasn't been a regular stop for them in the past. We spoke to Concho Minick, the President of Billy Bob's Texas earlier this week about mixing things up when it comes to filling out their schedule.

"Since the beginning," Minick says. "Billy Bob's has tried to pair fans and acts across many genres. One of the most memorable acts of my younger years here was Ray Charles. Don't get me wrong, we will always be country focused. Lately we've just had success with some Americana and alternative acts. We're continually looking for acts that fit the room and haven't played here before. This gives us more options and gives fans something new."

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I grew up in this area and have seen many shows at BB's over the years....not one of my favorite venues. really can't explain it better that Todd's colorful description.


Billy Bob's facts: Opening Night(s) were Waylon Jennings first night and Willie Nelson the second night and I went to both. One of their first New Years Eves was ZZ Top. also there for that. The FIRST time they "thought outside the box" and booked an Americana/Texas act was Dec. 1993 when Robert Earl Keen wound up his 5-night "Tour of DFW" with a sold-out Sunday night at Billy Bob's. Didn't take them long to see the light and book Don Walser, Asleep at the Wheel and Junior Brown - all vets of Dallas' Sons of Hermann Hall. you could say Robert Earl "kicked the door open" on this place and took Texas Music to a whole new level.


BBT used to serve mountain oysters,  they may still.

'82,  somebody persuaded Donnie & Marie to order them.   I'm fairly certain,  they had no idea what they were chowing down on.


Regardless of the acts they bring in, that seating and table configuration reminds me of hanging with blue hairs at the bingo parlor.  

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