Five Eels Songs That Are Better Than That Eels Song We're Not Mentioning

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Eels (no "The," just "Eels") have had a long, storied, interesting, musically adventurous career, but for a lot of people it stopped in 1996. Hell, for a fair amount of people most things alternative rock stopped in 1996, but I digress. The thing is, they've released a full nine albums since, two of which are probably better than Beautiful Freak, and all of which have a smattering of songs that I consider better than their 1996 uber-smash single. There's always going to be that crowd, isn't there? The play-the-hit crowd. They'll be there in full force when Eels hit Dallas on Thursday at the Granada. That song's not even that good, guys. Try these ones.

5. "Dog-Faced Boy," from Souljacker
Often E plays this live while playing the piano with one hand, a floor tom with the other hand, and singing. The whole song just straight-up rocks, with a superb hook and some great howling. The great part, however, is one of the best choruses ever -- "Ma won't shave me/Jesus can't save me/Dog-faced boy." Then a howl.

4. "Fresh Blood," from Hombre Lobo
Showing off the breadth of Eels' sound, the stand-out track from the recent trilogy of albums is an uncompromising account of the problems inherent in vampirism. Or something like that. Either way, this song has a lot more going on than that one single they have. Chorus features a lot of howling. I'm noticing a theme developing here.

3. "Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)," from Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
One thing that's constantly impressing about Eels is their versatility. They'll be an entirely different band from tour to tour. Not only is this a great, incredibly catchy, upbeat number off 2005's fantastic double-sided autobiographical album, but check out how they re-tooled it, mandolin and all, for Eels with Strings, the live album featuring Eels with, well, strings.

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