DJ Woodtronic Knows a Good Oddity When He Sees One, and He Sees Plenty in DFW

As a teenager, you started to absorb more local sounds? And play some music yourself?
In my early teens, I got into local music, punk, experimental, and hip-hop, listening to radio shows with George Gimarc, Liza Richardson, EZ Eddie D, and Reverend Ivan Stang. Before the internet the only way to hear local music was community radio, and near daily visits to Bill's Records. Partly due to being 6'3 at 15, I was able to get into a lot of great shows at Theatre Gallery, Club Clearview, Video Bar, and even Stark Club.
My first instrument was an old Fender Jaguar bass, and we always had a piano around the house, but took an early shine to recording, film, sampling, and "noise". Started out looping tape on my dads reel-to-reel, then bought my first Ensoniq EPS sampler in 1989. Brian Eno was one of my main influences, if that gives some insight.

Yes, you can really hear that influence in your style. It sounds like KNON is a perfect fit for you. I imagine they're very grateful to have you there for so long.
DJ Sista Whitenoise and myself host a Tuesday evening program called 'Sonic Assembly Power Hour', with our 4-year anniversary coming up this April. At least a quarter of our programming is local music, and we regularly feature artists, writers, politicians, chefs, film directors, scientists, and musicians as our guest DJ.

KNON really, truly is radio free America over there, yes?
KNON represents diversity in North Texas music. And for nearly 30 years! You'll hear everything. Local blues, soul, metal, jazz, punk, electronic, world, gospel and underground hip-hip. All curated by the on-air DJ's. KNON also host local views that don't get much representation with programs like Worker's Beat and Jim Schutze's Get Off My Lawn.

How many local favorites can you fire off before running out of breath? I imagine quite a list with you!
That's a loaded question, but some past and present favorites include; MC 900 Ft. Jesus, End Over End, Ten Hands, 66, Corn Mo, Bedhead, Sofa Kingdom, Lithium Xmas, Legendary Crystal Chandelier, Shelley Carrol, True Widow, PPT, Jamal Mohamed, Mount Righteous, The Paper Chase, Mind Spiders, The Singapore Slingers, Pinkish Black, Eyes Wings and Many Other Things, Yells At Eels, and Home by Hovercraft.

What would you change or improve about our local arts community?
I'd continue working on integrating local music into the DFW arts scene, further blurring the lines between music/film/art, and lobby civic leaders for continued and greater support of local artists.

Are we truly a community? Are we all looking out for each other like we should?
There is a sense of cooperation I'm really excited about, and even Dallas Arts District venues like the Dallas City Performance Hall, Nasher, and Perot Museum are supporting local talent of all genres. There's also an abundance of music, film, and arts festivals like Aurora 2013, that offer musicians some very intriguing opportunities.

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Pikahsso 1 Like

Thanks for the love Reid man i really appreciate everything you've done for me & the PPT movement back in 2006 i gots to come by the show one day

weid 1 Like

Awesome neighbor!! now I need to go see if I can dig up the video of that Mr Peppermint gig .. I just saw a picture of it the other day on one of my drives


Awesome neighbor!! now I need to go see if I can dig up the video of that Mr Peppermint gig .. I just saw a picture of it the other day on one of my drives


princesscowboy, I think it was an editorial error. I actually knew Jerry Hayes and never heard about any connections with Captain Kangaroo other than being in some of the same markets, with Mr. Peppermint usually winning in ratings. He was a wonderful person, Dallas icon, and beloved by many. Was sad about his passing, and really wish Peppermint Place was available in syndication or DVD

ridlen 1 Like

Getting the late great Jerry Haynes' cooperation in letting us produce his version of 'Yellow Bird' was a dream come true. For the Texotica CD release party I also had him sing and play guitar over a karaoke version of 'Pepper'. I know there's video of that out there somewhere...


In what way is Mr. Peppermint of Captain Kangaroo fame?


Great article.  Go Reid!

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