The Best Thing About Denton: Interviews with Vendors, Bands, Policemen and Fans

Stephen Masker
It's no accident that the name 35 Denton finally settled on features its hometown's name so prominently. The organizers of the festival want nothing so much as to champion Denton, and to that end they have created a gathering place for not just musicians, but fans and businesses from around DFW. We talked to a few people awaiting Brutal Juice's manic opening set on Friday about what makes Denton unique.

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Stephen Masker
Chris Welch
Musician: Old War Horse and Pinebox Serenade

Who are you most excited to see this year?
Reigning Sound, Roky Erickson and Killer Mike.

What's the best thing about Denton?
You see the same people in a million different bands. That's Denton.

Stephen Masker
Julie Stebbins, Annie Haase and Kate Alleman
Fans: All three women attended UNT and are on their 3rd 35 Denton.

What was your favorite set at this festival in the past?
Stebbens: I loved Big Boi.
Haase: Dr. Dog.
Alleman: The Mountain Goats. His music has always been so important to me.

What's the best thing about Denton?
Stebbens: It's a small big city.
Haase: It's like a big family.
Alleman: The community.

Stephen Masker
Danielle Osborn, Aryton Chapman (not pictured) and Bailey Chapman
Vendors. The Chapmans own TaterCake, and Osborn owns Hoops and Stones.

What's the best thing about Denton?
Bailey: We love it. The people, the music...
Osborn:...the music, the art...
Bailey: There are lots of young people, creative people.
Osborn: They really do support the local businesses.
Ayrton: The best thing about Denton is everything.

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