The Best from 35 Denton Night Two: Metal Wrestling and Fence Repair

Stephen Masker
By the calendar, we're halfway through 35 Denton 2013, though much of the good stuff is yet to come. Keep checking DC9 for daily updates from the fest. The highlights below are in a very (very) loose chronological order. In cases where the photos don't refer directly to the words on either side of them, they are marked with a line above and below. On to the drunken mayhem and make-outs and bands.

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Mike Brooks

Watching wrestling one hundred feet from Sleep pounding the main stage crowd is quite the experience. With a full wrestling ring set up, and a secret tent literally full of wrestlers that even us, the good folk of your friendly Dallas media, are not allowed to look inside, various muscular men appear from said mysterious tent to throw each other at full force into the ground. There's one tag team whose whole thing is that they have mustaches, a man that looks like Bret Michaels, another man that I swear is Nick Oliveri, and a poor smaller guy whose entire role seems to be getting beaten up by two bigger guys. Also the referee is terrible. He remains totally unaware all of the brazen cheating going on, despite my constant barracking of him. Either way, seeing wrestling set to a pounding soundtrack of sludge metal is a perfect 35 Denton take home. All sludge metal will now have a visual of wrestling in poorly-lit circumstances for me to treasure. You can't buy that sort of association.--Gavin Cleaver

Stephen Masker

The children are the future of sludge metal. There were kids peddling happily around the pavement for Brutal Juice, and for Sleep, when standing space was at a bit more of a premium, there is more than one little fan standing, fixated on the stage. Or, in the case of one girl who can't have been more than six years old, sitting on her father's shoulders. She wears protective ear wear. And you might think she is here because she was made to be there, but there it is, on the glorious roar of the first guitar solo: Two unmistakable, adamant little devil horns. You know what? I think we're all going to be alright. --Kiernan Maletsky

Kids can rock too. Baby Isabella is chill with her sonic headphones as Brutal Juice goes for the jugular.

Another little girl rocks a pair of the protective headphones as well, and bobs her head along with the crowd. --Megan Morris

Basement pizza. Let it be known that one of the richest pieces of nostalgia on the Square is eating a slice, which was all hot and pepperoni-y, with a cold beer and a solid band (in this case: War Party) in the basement of J&J's. Add a little trombone, thunderous kick drum that'll muffle your hearing later, J&J's Christmas light-flecked ceiling and you got yourself a liquid memory for the kids later. --Nick Rallo

Mike Brooks

35 Denton is not only perfectly walkable, the outside main and second stage fenced off area has a perfectly European festival vibe to it, with stalls selling typical festival merch co-existing near big stages which you can stand in one spot and see all of. I mean, it's on a road and a parking lot, but apart from that you could totally be at a big-name European festival. One hint for tackling the walks between different indoor venues though -- wear comfortable shoes. Don't be like me and wear new shoes. It's not even a long distance to walk, but I'm so Texan now I totally didn't expect actual walking. Thanks to the effects of said shoes, I will never walk again, instead relying on my hordes of lackies to ferry me around the festival on their shoulders. It's more comfortable that way, but it's awkward when you have to tell them to leave Dan's because you want to go to the Hive now. (GC)

Someone took the time and effort to spell out some of what they consider the do's and don'ts of one of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. I'm not so sure I necessarily agree:

35 Denton (Friday) 039.JPG
Rachel Watts

This is what the list says:

1. Be disinterested.
2. Jean vests are cool.
3. Don't smile.
4. Cross arms during bands.
5. Respect girls in short pants/shorty skirts.
6. Purse your fucking lips.
7. Pee on the seat.
8. Scowl always.
10. Worship Satan.
11. BEER.
12. Eyes glued to your iPhone.
13. Write on the bathroom walls.
14. Be a cunt.
15. Suck on big wham jams brooad. --Rachel Watts

The main stage area of 35 Denton is full of an array of merchandise. Don't have a vintage outfit? No worries, you can rummage through a collection of clothes on a bus in between the two stages. Worried that your outfit won't be complete without a cool stache? Well you can always get one painted on at one of the face-painting booths. And don't forget to pick up your psycadelic hula hoop for the rave later. (MM)

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