The 35 Must-See Bands at 35 Denton


Mariachi Quetzal: It's just really cool that 35 Denton invited a mariachi band to play the Dan's Silverleaf day party on Sunday.
Noon @ Dan's Silverleaf, Sunday afternoon

Chelsea Light Moving: There doesn't need to be anything else said besides the fact that this is Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore's newest band.
8 pm @ Main Stage One, Sunday evening

Delicate Steve: Delicate Steve is good vibes incarnate; it is trickling guitar in all the right places and beats that bloom underneath. Let's all hang out in the big warehouse and get a little weird. (KM)
9:30 pm @ The Hive


The Coathangers: Whether there's a more punk rock band name than The Coathangers, especially given the back-alley reference to DIY abortions, is debatable. The all-female quartet out of Atlanta started as a joke in 2006, and have since released several seven inches and a couple of albums, their latest being 2011's "Larceny and Old Lace." Look for a raucous good time with song titles like "Shut the Fuck Up," and "Nestle In My Boobies."
11:30 pm @ Dan's Silverleaf, Sunday evening

Talk Normal: Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro's Brooklyn duo represent a new generation of New York no-wave noise. Though slightly more accessible than the more experimental Sonic Youth, but perhaps less accessible than the Cocteau Twins or the Velvet Underground, Talk Normal is fierce minimalism at its best.
11:30 pm @ Andy's, Sunday evening

Doug Burr

Doug Burr: Burr is a seasoned Denton singer/songwriter, and last year, Dan's Silverleaf had a line 100 deep that couldn't get in to see his set at 35 Denton 2012. This year, plan on seeing him, and plan on getting there early.
11:30 pm @ Sweetwater Grill and Tavern, Sunday evening

Marnie Stern: Say it back to yourself: "I will not say the S-word." If you have read literally anything about the dynamo from New York, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. So yes. Her new one, The Chronicles of Marnia, comes out in a couple weeks and it promises more heartbreaking lyricism and blinding guitar. (KM)
12:30 pm @ Dan's Silverleaf

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Reigning Sound's first DFW show in 8 years and they aren't one of the 35 "must see" bands? OK


just FYI, that photo is not of Spooky Folk. It's a portrait by Stanton Stephens of Kaleo.


so many mistakes in this!!! O hey it's Leg Sweeper as The Coathangers, and I cant wait to see Camera Obscura  (they cancelled) 


@anon Oh, hard decisions were made. Our working list of "must see" bands was more like 60 bands long, which seemed pretty useless. 

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