The 35 Must-See Bands at 35 Denton


Old Warhorse: This is Chris Welch's (Pinebox Serenade) gritty, Texas roots band, and they certainly do rock, evidenced by their standout tracks White Lightning and Dirty South.
1 pm @ Dan's Silverleaf, Saturday afternoon


Astronautalis: The incendiary word play of Astronautalis calls to mind one Marshall Mathers, and not just because they're both white rappers. Clever turns of phrase, dark curricula and ass-shaking backing music make this show one to witness.
3 pm @ Main Stage Two, Saturday afternoon

The Cannabinoids featuring Sarah Jaffe: Erykah Badu created this group as a sort of digital play list, wanting to ignite the Dallas scene to its core. The concept asserts that it wants the audience to achieve a high from their music, to be filled and fulfilled by it. The fact that Sarah Jaffe is playing with them means that you'd better get your ass to this set.
6 pm @ Main Stage One, Saturday evening


Killer Mike: Amid all the strange experimentation and soft noises emanating from the new crop of rappers, Killer Mike stands out. No frills, no gimmicks, just straight ahead ATL hip-hop. (KM)

7 pm @ Main Stage Two, Saturday evening

Solange headlines Saturday night at this year's 35 Denton.

Solange: Though sometimes compared to her older sister, Beyonce Knowles, Solange is similar only in that they write music in roughly the same R&B genre. Other than that, Solange's chart-topping hits have a more retro, '80s presentation to them, like Madonna's Lucky Star days.
8 pm @ Main Stage One, Saturday evening

How I Quit Crack: Tina F. from Houston, but now based out of Austin, literally used to smoke crack. She says that it made her want to commit suicide, and that the music she now makes under the name How I Quit Crack is a motivator for her never to do it again. Anyway, go see this one. If anything, just to watch her paint herself in neon, black light reflecting paint while she croons hauntingly beautiful black gospel music.
9:30 pm @ Hailey's, Saturday evening

Mary Walker: Singer/songwriter Mary Walker is relatively new to the music scene in Denton, but she has already released a full length album, Heavy Hearts, late in 2012. A multi-instrumentalist, Walker studied piano under Julie Bonk, who also taught Norah Jones.
10:30 pm @ Banter, Saturday evening

Dust Congress

Dust Congress: Frontman Nick Foreman moved to Florida in 2011 to get his Ph.D., but is returning to reunite Dust Congress just for 35 Denton. Their stripped down, banjo-centric songs are filled with hummable melodies and sharp hooks, and it's a damn shame that they only get together to play when Foreman comes back to Denton, if even then.
10:30 pm @ Dan's Silverleaf, Saturday evening

Soft Moon

The Soft Moon: With their airy, androgynous vocals similar to My Bloody Valentine, and 80's style, industrial, bass driven synth accompaniment, this post punk gtoup out of San Francisco has been rising in popularity since 2010. This is a must-see set for fans of Joy Division and post-punk enthusiasts.
12:30 am @ Hailey's, Saturday night (Sunday morning)

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Reigning Sound's first DFW show in 8 years and they aren't one of the 35 "must see" bands? OK


just FYI, that photo is not of Spooky Folk. It's a portrait by Stanton Stephens of Kaleo.


so many mistakes in this!!! O hey it's Leg Sweeper as The Coathangers, and I cant wait to see Camera Obscura  (they cancelled) 


@anon Oh, hard decisions were made. Our working list of "must see" bands was more like 60 bands long, which seemed pretty useless. 

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