The 35 Must-See Bands at 35 Denton


Fungi Girls: The Fungi Girls fair deals in stellar acid-surf-punk out of Fort Worth. Be prepared to bounce about to songs such as Turquoise Hotel, Sun Blues and Pacifica Nostalgia.
5 pm @ Main Stage Two, Friday evening

Brutal Juice: Back in the early days of Brutal Juice, lead singer Craig Welch would stub cigarettes out on his tongue and forehead, and perform yoga like head stands while screaming into the microphone. Their savage metal onslaught is reflective of half of their band name, and their set at 35 Denton this year will no doubt be a pit inducing affair.
6 pm on Main Stage One, Friday evening

Roky Erickson: Almost five decades ago, Erickson and his band, The 13th Floor Elevators, became one of, if not the first pioneers of psychedelic rock. After a three year period in several different mental hospitals, suffering from schizophrenia, Erickson began a prolific solo recording career in the '80s and his songs have since been covered by artists such as R.E.M., ZZ Top, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. (It is highly recommended that those not familiar with the depth of Erickson's influence on countless musicians look into it, as his life is a rich story of artistic brilliance and mental illness, of tragic downfall and ultimate triumph. His is a life far too fascinating to be properly exemplified in a tiny blurb from a weekly alt-press paper.)
7 pm @ Main Stage One, Friday evening

: Sleep started turning heads in the early '90s with their Black Sabbath-style doom metal recorded with retro '70s equipment. They fizzled out at the end of the decade, but have reformed and been playing their unique brand of stoner rock since 2009.
8 pm @ Main Stage One, Friday evening

War Party: This Fort Worth band brings the retro with a tight, '60s psychedelic feel, mixed in with a little punk and garage rock for good measure.
9 pm @ J&J's Pizza, Friday evening

Peopleodian: This band has been a Denton favorite for four years, and the self-described "semi-weird post exotica pop" group is looking to make their first full length album sometime this year.
9:30 pm @ the Hive, Friday evening

Def Rain: Ashley Cromeens, former uber talented front woman of Recordhop, heads up this dreamy, ambling dance pop duo with backing beats and synth by Grant Ring. The ultra-reverbed out vocals and overall daydream -inducing soundscape of Def Rain make them a perfect set for anyone wanting to take a break from some maybe way too intense punk, metal or rock shows.
10:30 pm @ The Hive, Friday evening

Wayne Hancock

Wayne Hancock: Playing this year on the strength of his several albums, including his newest, 2009's Viper of Melody, Hancock is a country roots purist, exhibiting elements of honky-tonk, western swing and rockabilly. He's worked with many country superstars including Robert Earl Keen and Terry Allen. Fans of Hank Williams will enjoy Hancock's unyielding loyalty to country music's origins.
11:30 pm @ Dan's Silverleaf, Friday evening

Shiny Around the Edges: Husband and wife team Michael and Jenny Seiman have called Denton their home since the early 2000s. Their new album, The Night is a Disco, released late last year, is a dark, experimental record, true to the overall thesis of the band, but definitely their most mature work to date.
11:30 @ Banter, Friday evening

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Reigning Sound's first DFW show in 8 years and they aren't one of the 35 "must see" bands? OK


just FYI, that photo is not of Spooky Folk. It's a portrait by Stanton Stephens of Kaleo.


so many mistakes in this!!! O hey it's Leg Sweeper as The Coathangers, and I cant wait to see Camera Obscura  (they cancelled) 


@anon Oh, hard decisions were made. Our working list of "must see" bands was more like 60 bands long, which seemed pretty useless. 

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