VideoBob Moseley Went from Geek to Artist for Pantera: "If My Magnum Could Talk"

I miss your food menu! How did you end up whipping up amazing food at Renos Grill for a while?

Reno's was one of my favorite hangouts for many years. I used to love the Sunday night Karaoke, the vibe was cool, I could roll in there on my Harley and scoot out with a chick on the back as easy as pie whenever I wanted. My wife at the time didn't appreciate that so much, it was at Reno's that I was busted by her with my then mistress, Rachel. It was for the best, because I divorced her and married Rachel and I have never been happier!!! As part of my divorce, my ex had to pay me some equity on our properties and I also sold some of my assets which left me with a surplus of cash, I think I had about $75K and I wanted to do something cool with it. Since Reno's had been such a part of my life I decided to take over the resturaunt there and do something different. The previous owners had all failed miserably. I was the only guy to ever make a profit there.

Your food creativity made all the difference. Really good burgers, especially.

I had a lot of cool recipies like the "Black-Tooth Burger," inspired by Dimebag's favorite shot of whiskey and cola. I would douse the burger with Canadian whiskey while I cooked it and then carmelized onions with cola on the grill, glued together with cheddar, it was perfect!!!

What was the one with peanut butter on the sandwich?

We had a Thai inspired Chicken-Peanut-Butter sandwich called the "Whiz-Bang." It also had a BLT on it with some Thousand Island on a grilled sourdough. It was a hit!! We had a lot of celebrities and bands stop in, but mostly fans of Dimebag who came to enjoy the BLACKTOOTH and oogle my collection of gold record plaques and photos of my favorite celebrities I have met. After Rachel and I worked ourselves to death for almost a year, we decided to sell it for a profit to someone else.

It didnt take long to notice the ownership change after you split. There's not even a restaurant there now, huh?

The new guy came in and changed everything, dumped my recipes ... he was out of business in three months. The restaurant is now closed and that section of the building has been turned into an apartment by the building owner.

What kind of a kid/student were you?

I was a geek. I had zero friends as a kid.
I stayed in my room and listened to comedy albums and "Weird Al" Yankovic.
I built models, played with toys and recorded skits on my tape recorder.
I was raised by people like George Carlin and Sam Kinison.

Local music all-time faves?

Pantera/Hellyeah, Disciple/Big Iron, Drowning Pool, Aligator Dave, LeCure, Thin White Dukes, Spazmatics and a guy they call "Bearcat" who sings karaoke at the San Fransico Rose on Greenvile. Simply amazing!

Your info says you are still involved with Big Vin Records. True? What's the label up to as of late?

Not much happening in the world of BVR lately. ... Vinnie is consumed with Hellyeah and touring their third album. The label was set up primarally to put out our own stuff. We did put out a project with some of the guys from Type-O-Negative called "SEVENTH VOID," but that's about it. I know Vinnie is working on a cookbook, Drumming up an Appetite that should release this Christmas ... we hope!!!

You've also lent a hand at Paul's world-famous Clubhouse. Any celebrity dirt from the crazy nights you'd care to share?

We have had a lot of celebrity guests come through and I am usually the concierge to these guys. I can't mention names, but there has been a lot of hanky panky happen in the back seat of my car while I was giving a guest a ride back to his bus or hotel with his new lady friend. If my Magnum could talk.

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I just wanted to mention that I never worked for PANTERA or DAMAGEPLAN, I came on staff at the beginning of BVR and the formation of HELLYEAH. The videos from the Pantera years came from Dime himself and one of my idols, "Bobby Tongs" whom I have a lot of respect for and I don't ever want to steal any of that dude's credit!!! Thanks yall!!

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