VideoBob Moseley Went from Geek to Artist for Pantera: "If My Magnum Could Talk"

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VideoBob with Vinnie Paul
This isn't the first time the Observer has reached out to "VideoBob" Moseley. If memory serves, he popped up in the City of Ate blog when he took over Reno's Grill for a spell, with a pretty visionary menu of barfood taste sensations, lots of self-designed movie props (Moseley does them professionally) and metal memorabilia from his many years associated with all-things Pantera and their evolution.

See, Moseley has been doing videography, graphic art and more for the likes of Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah!, and drummer-for-all-of-the-above Vinnie Paul's own record label endeavour, Big Vin Records since its inception.

Oh, and by the way ... in addition to owning some amazing replica movie props, he has converted his DeLorean into a Back to the Future replica of the vehicle that vaulted Marty McFly through time. He recently popped up on Discovery Channel's Auction Kings, selling off another of his cool whips.

VideoBob's story is not a boring one, but he tells it better than I ever could.

So, how did you earn the nickname?

I starting videoing bands back in 1991, starting with the band Disciple, which later became Big Iron, out at the infamous Joe's Garage in West Fort Worth. They frequently opened for Pantera. I used to record any band I liked, for my own enjoyment. When I saw the movie Wayne's World I was inspired to start my own cable show and Underground Connection was born! I worked shitty jobs at gas stations and burger joints and on the weekends I shot videos at all the local clubs.

One of which was Club Mongo in Grand Prarie, around '93 or so, it was Mongo Smith who gave me the moniker. Up until then I was just "Robbie," what my Mom and friends had called me. Mongo sees me loading into his club one day and says "there's that video Robbie Bobby guy" at first it was sorta razzing, but it just morphed into "Videobobbie" and into "Videobob." It stuck. I have been "Videobob" now for 20 years.

Are your programs accessible on video sites?

I have uploaded tons of my old shows onto YouTube, if you simply search for "Videobob" you will find most of them. Otherwise, I have literally hundreds of cassettes here at the house that will all one day end up on the net ... somehow.

You've done some fine work for Big Vin Records and Hellyeah. What are some of your proudest accomplishments there??

I helped him polish off Dimevison -- That's The Fun I Have on DVD and Rebel Meets Rebel on CD. I mastered the printing of the discs, cover images, retail packaging, menus, booklets and a lot of other dumb shit like the barcodes. I remember Walmart had an issue with the Rebel flag on Rebel Meets Rebel and I had to make a separate version that was darker so it didn't stand out as much. We had to make an entire separate print of the record with a different barcode, booklet, censored songs, etc. just for them, but it was really satisfying to go into a major store like Best Buy or Walmart and see your stuff on the shelves.

I remember I was so proud of it I was going to get that barcode tattooed on my arm so I could ring myself up at the register! Thank goodness Bobzilla (Hellyeah Bassist and professional tattoo artist) talked me out of it! I would have to say my proudest moment of that project was seeing the music video I shot for Rebel Meets Rebel's "Nothin' to Lose" played on MTV. I remember literally getting choked up. It was something that I had dreamed about my whole life and it was awesome to see my work played each week on Headbanger's Ball.

How far back do you and the (Aboott/Pantera) brothers go?

I had known Vinnie and his brother for many years just because we all hung in that scene, going all the way back to those Power Metal days in clubs. I guess my work kept landing into Vinnie's hands via other artists that I did work for and he called me up one day and offered me a job at his record label.

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I just wanted to mention that I never worked for PANTERA or DAMAGEPLAN, I came on staff at the beginning of BVR and the formation of HELLYEAH. The videos from the Pantera years came from Dime himself and one of my idols, "Bobby Tongs" whom I have a lot of respect for and I don't ever want to steal any of that dude's credit!!! Thanks yall!!

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