I Called George Ducas' Hit 'All That's Wrong with Country Music', and He Invited Me to Have a Few Beers

George Ducas 1.jpg
George Ducas
George Ducas has a regional country hit with "Cowtown." But it is, by his own admission, far from his best work. In this week's music feature, Kelly Dearmore explains how he called out Ducas on Twitter for what he viewed as a bottom-feeding song and how an online back-and-forth with the singer ended with an invitation to share a couple beers at a show. The way the exchange evolved says a lot about the way artists navigate the world of social media and its amicable conclusion is a good reminder, I think, of the common ground music fans share that is often lost in the reduction and one-upmanship of the Internet.

Here are some key points from the exchange that started all this.

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