The Grammys: In 2013, They're Just a Means to Antagonize Twitter

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Twitter, for its part, helps both of those groups find each other and avoid their opposite numbers. That's one of the eerie things about it--unless you have two very divergent interests, most of the people you follow for one reason agree with you for a lot of different reasons.

This isn't an inherently bad thing, either for us or the Grammys; at least we're engaging something we disagree with philosophically, even if it's just to remind everyone how outraged we are that Chris Brown is still extremely rich and famous. And at least the Grammys are being watched by a generation that doesn't know or care who won what Grammy.

But the easy criticisms can sometimes drown out the hard ones. If we stopped watching, the people who are in charge of noticing that kind of thing--the social media interns, the ratings-watchers--might try to recalibrate the sound away from its current setting, baby-boomer-and-baby-boomer-revival. And if someone has a better idea for how a show celebrating the year in music should look and feel, I'd love to hear it. Not instead of the Grammys jokes, but in addition to them.

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Is it me, or does Frank Ocean look like a blind guy who refuses to show us the respect of sunglasses?

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

This hideous nonsense or the two installment of Downton Abbey?


They should have let Lil B perform.


I had to look up a few of the words used in this post. what's very telling is that you got through an entire article about the Grammys without using the word 'music'. and that's okay because the grammys have absolutely nothing to do with music.


@ChrisYu Always glad when my love of $2 words can serve a broader point.

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