In Honor of Spring Training: The Best Baseball Songs!

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"Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)"
Swing music sucks shit, but only because the stupid fucking '90s swing revival ruined more than a half-century of decent music in one fell swoop. So we've gotta give it up for The Treniers -- jump blues pioneers and Vegas regulars back in the '50s who kicked it with Dean and Jerry and even got Willie Mays himself to provide some dialogue on this tune.

"Barry Bonds"
This one's not really all that much about Barry Bonds except for Kanye comparing himself to BB in the hits department and Weezy dropping a "Suck my bat, bitch." Oh, and there's also that line "My head's so big you can't sit behind me."

"Cheap Seats"
Much like minor league baseball, which this song is about, Alabama is all right if your expectations are fairly low to begin with. And if you go see them nowadays, it's probably buy one ticket get 11 free, and there's likely a T-shirt cannon involved at some point. OK, this song does kinda suck, but it's so much better than John Fogerty's "Centerfield," which is basically the main criteria for inclusion on this list.

Sure, Bob Dylan wrote and recorded this tribute to late, great pitcher Jim "Catfish" Hunter -- "Come up where the Yankees are/ Dress up in a pinstripe suit/ Smoke a custom-made cigar/ Wear an alligator boot/Catfish, million dollar man/ Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can" -- but we actually prefer Joe Cocker singing it. Maybe because the idea of a British guy singing about Catfish Hunter is kinda weird, and because Catfish coulda learned a thing or two from Cocker's arm movements.

"Beat on the Brat"

"Beat on the brat with a baseball bat": How could we not?

Yep. Sorry.

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list is incomplete. no "centerfield"

Michael TruckMonth Ricker
Michael TruckMonth Ricker

I kinda like Centerfield by John Fogerty, but that might be because I've heard it about 100 times at Ranger games.

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