A.Dd+ and Ishi Added to St. Patrick's Day Concert Lineup with Snoop Dogg

Mike Brooks
As you already know, Snoop Dogg will headline this year's Dallas Observer St. Patrick's Day Concert on Greenville Avenue. But he won't be alone, and today we're announcing two of the bands who will also grace the stage on March 16: Hi-diving hip-hop group A.Dd+ and local staples Ishi.

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Gates open at noon at the Energy Square Parking Lot at 4849 Greenville Avenue. VIP passes are already sold out; regular tickets are $15 and on sale now.

We'll have a few more announcements for you before it all turns green.

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Lance Mutzman
Lance Mutzman

So glad i'm staying at Indigo that night...I'll be in no position to drive after this!!

Curt Eichelberger
Curt Eichelberger

this should be interesting. I thought it was supposed to be family friendly. hmmm.


come on. that is the joke. ever heard of satire?

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