Patti Labelle was Perfect and Bobby Brown was a Mess Last Night: Review and Photos

Photo by Bianca Montes
It was a clear crisp Valentine's night in Dallas, Texas. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most gorgeous nights we've had in awhile. A slight cool breeze blew through Victory Plaza, and I thought to myself that it would have to be a holiday for the city streets to be so empty. Inside the American Airlines Center, the Old School 94.5 Love Train concert was already under way. Celebrated locally for their soul, oldies, and quiet storm format- the Dallas radio station has been successful for the second year in a row at putting together a Valentine's Day celebration for the grown & sexy set.

As I made my way to my seat, the R&B supergroup collective Lover's Delight was on stage. Made up of Phil Perry, Tony Terry, Michael Cooper, Larry Dodson, and Glen Jones, Lovers Delight was definitely a crowd pleaser. Each member did a three song set, then came together as a group for their final number, "Anticipation". The particular stand outs here were Glen Jones' impressive vocal range, and Phil Perry's distinct falsetto. These veteran entertainers did not disappoint

The frozen margaritas were flowing. The arena, about ⅔ full, was a sea of red sweaters and fancy Valentine's ensembles bouncing along to the Wobble or the Cupid Shuffle. Before long, it was time for Ms. Patti to take the stage. And that's when everything got perfect. In a red pantsuit and matching fur stole, Patti LaBelle opened her set with a rousing performance of one of her biggest hits, "New Attitude". From there, she went into some her classic R&B ballads, including "If You Only Knew".

Atop the white piano played by her accompanying music director, John Stanley, were two pairs of red-bottomed Christian Louboutin heels, and a silver handled- hand mirror. Every three to four songs, Ms. LaBelle would pick it up to check her hair and makeup. Every time she did, the crowd would roar and cheer. At 68 years young, as she puts it, Ms. LaBelle is still as gorgeous as ever, and her voice is virtually unaged. You won't catch her trying to act any younger than she is, however. When a patron yelled "I love you!" and reached up to touch Ms. LaBelle's hand, she responded, "I love you too, honey. I can't bend down," proceeding to croon into the mic, "I don't want to hurt myself."

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2500 Victory Ave, Dallas, TX

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Bobby Brown's "rant" is apart of the act. It's not real and they do every show. The audience loves it. I was there last night. Why won't you be fair and tell how the sound engineers messed up leaving Johnny, Ralph, and Bobby to work extra hard.  It was the technical difficulties that forced the audience to leave. The bass was all screwed up.

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