Meet Dallas' Marlhy Murphy, the Youngest Performer in SXSW History

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Marlhy Murphy

"I think it's learning the different types of music you can play on the drums," Murphy says. "There's Latin, jazz and all these different types of music, so that is definitely one of my favorite parts. Also I really like getting to meet new people and doing different gigs in different areas, and going to new places to I've never been before."

Murphy has already began to make an impressive career for herself at such a young age as not only a drummer, but an actress as well. She spends half of the year in L.A. auditioning, and even managed to land a spot on a Target commercial last June. With such a busy schedule, I had to ask, how does this girl get any school done? "I do homeschooling, so I have a flexible schedule and it helps with my switch between Dallas and L.A.," Murphy explains. "I work on my computer and communicate with teachers online, and basically have 24 hours to do my work."

My conversation with Marlhy was pleasant: She has charisma and talent well beyond her years. She explained to me that when she grows up she hopes to be a drumming actor, pursuing both of her dreams to form one fantastic career.

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So how old IS she? For a post that is about the youngest performer ever at SXSW, it seems like you left out a key piece of info.


@jspacegirl She's 10 and her bandmate in Pretty Little Demons, Lydia, is 12. 

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