Tonight's Show at the Double Wide Features Newish Band Strange Towers

Local artist and musician, Liz Larsen (previously Lars) has joined musical forces with Scott Porter, Tony Wann and Cory Ward (former members of Record Hop) and together they've birthed new music project; Strange Towers.

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"I think it's interesting because it's a merger of two very specific Denton music worlds that co-existed at the same time..." Larsen explains. "...and were friends at the time, but musically quite different." As for the band's sound, Larsen describes it as "propaedeutic cryptozoological punk."

Strange Towers makes their Dallas debut tonight at Double Wide along with Blixaboy and New Fumes. Show starts at 10.

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3510 Commerce St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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@Greenman glad to see you're back to posting anonymously, H........

We've all missed those fiery comment threads, but this one makes you look reallllly crazy because you're admitting that you knew the information about her transition was already made public by "individuals that she knows" (on Tuesday) while accusing that she was being somehow being outed publicly today... 


Just to clarify, I was the one who wrote the headline, not Catherine. My understanding was that Liz was interested in engaging her transition publicly, but we certainly didn't want to force a conversation she wasn't ready for. I apologize to Liz if I've offended her, and I've changed the headline to reflect only exactly what I am positive about: that there is a good show by a fairly new player on the Dallas scene going on tonight at the Double Wide. 


@Greenman Her Facebook message has already been made public in full, as Catherine points out here, but again, my priority at this point is definitely to put the focus on the aspects of tonight's show that everyone involved is comfortable talking about with the DC9 audience. If you'd like to discuss it further, I'd love to talk to you over email at or via facebook message or in person -- I'll be at the show tonight. 

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