Erykah Badu at the Granada: A Dispatch from the Bad Bitch Box

Vanessa: There's something really beautiful about the way a Badu show seems time find a woman in trepidation at just the right time. More than a few of us in that "Bad Bitch" oasis last night were there with a heavy heart. Many of us shared stories of our stressful weeks or taxing personal circumstances throughout the night, and how we just knew that this was going to be exactly what we needed.

Erykah Badu is the kind of performer who takes the stage to bare her soul, and in her performance we see a reflection of ourselves in her vulnerability, her fears, and her insecurities. She breaks down to the core of us, and builds us back up again. She reminds us when we need it most, to release what ails us and open ourselves up to the potential of a brighter day. She urges us to remember, that maybe love can make it better- sometimes when no one else can.

Photo by Bill Ellison/The Granada

Deb: People are effusive about Badu because there is much to be effusive about. Her older material more than stands the test of time, her newer material is challenging, and new arrangements of her entire opus are delivered at nearly every show. She makes it look easy, and almost implies that it should be, but it's clear she is doing the work.

She looks to the crowd and says, "So, everyone on the radio sounds like they are from Texas now." A call-out to the newfound "trill-wave" movement coming from the East, but an important part of the story she creates for Dallas. The confidence to think someone might like to be like us, create like us, think like us. But the us is singular. Forty-two years later, this is her city; we are all just dancing in it. Or we should be.

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Granada Theater

3524 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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because she was really really high for the show?


Why do music reviewers universally write like they are full of BS?

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