Chubby Checker Sues HP For Penis-Measuring App, The Right To Appear In This Blog Entry


Look, I told my editor, over the weekend: This Chubby Checker penis-measuring story is the blog post I was born to write. (This is not something I was excited to learn about myself.) I own and until recently used an HP Pre 3, which is a Palm WebOS phone that did not actually come out--the fastest phone that could ever run "The Chubby Checker," a now-infamous app that purports to measure the size of your penis (or anybody else's penis, I guess.) With its 1 GHz. CPU I am able to estimate your penis-size significantly faster than any also-ran with a Palm Pre or an HP Veer.

I also have written trend-chasing, SEO-focused blog posts--those are for other venues--for the better part of four years. Every day, in a very tiny apartment, I sit between Chubby Checker's frivolous lawsuit and people who, upon hearing his name, might go to iTunes and buy some Chubby Checker songs, which is the ultimate goal of Mr. Checker's legal action. It is a very weird job.

This is not an altogether new phenomenon; wacky stories got people into Paul Harvey's radio show as surely as they get them into CNN's entertainment section. If it weren't for wacky stories, morning-zoo radio shows would just be an uninterrupted series of sampled fart noises and the word "mega-babe." But the internet has opened up literally thousands of venues with literally hundred-thousands of bloggers who are paid by the post, or pageview, and standing at the ready to make their job a little easier are PR and social media interns, who know exactly what they're looking for.

It's to the writers' benefit that more writers talk about it until eventually it becomes a thing. This works out just fine for the PR and social media interns, also. So it doesn't matter that the app has been offline for five months, that it was downloaded 84 times, or that it was released on a dead operating system that only I was stupid enough to enjoy using.

In fact, the $500 million in damages Mr. Checker is asking for--absurd as the number is--are probably more important than any of that. Not because he stands a chance of getting it, but because it gives me and the CNN Entertainment writer and the newsreader at Big Skank and Bitchtits in the Morning a second ridiculous thing to talk about.

The only thing that could have sold more Chubby Checker albums this week is Chubby Checker dying of a twist overdose. It even got me nostalgic about the HP Pre 3 I blew $200 on. Everybody wins!

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great insight on today's journalism, but some historical perspective regarding Chubby Checker please.

between Elvis and the Beatles, the Twist was the most important thing in Rock and Roll. it was HUGE and changed the way we dance to music. Checker didn't invent it or write the songs, but very much spearheaded the movement and was all over the charts during the craze. the significance of all this cannot be underrated. I will agree that Checker is kind of a joke today. but the man should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and that is no joke. nothing Madonna has done her entire career is as significant as what the man did that one year, yet somehow she and other pretenders have been inducted.


@ChrisYu Oh, I didn't mean to suggest otherwise—he's an incredibly important figure in rock history, and he has a ton to do with today's broad acceptance of rock and roll. I just assumed everyone felt the same way, and didn't need me doing a bad job of summarizing it.


@danup @ChrisYu don't think you would have done a bad job. pretty sure most readers here are too young to know that much about him. the last two paragraphs might lead most to assume he's just a joke and a footnote in rock'n'roll.

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