How The Atomic Tanlines Went From Church Choir to Crawling Around in Broken Glass

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Any record in particular, like Rock for Light or I Against I?

Ally: It was I Against I and then I went back to Banned in D.C.

Can you guys remember the first show that you paid to see?

Bill: Primus, "Tour de Fromage." They were doing all of Sailing the Seas of Cheese. They were doing a set of assorted songs and then a set of Sailing the Seas of Cheese straight through. This was 2003. I was nine. I was with my dad.
Reece: I don't know if I paid for it, but it's pretty embarrassing so it's a good story: Iwrestledabearonce. It was in Plano. I don't know if I paid for it. It was a bunch of bands.
Pablo: One of the first punk shows I ever went to was The Distillers and The Bronx at Gypsy Tea Room. It was gnarly. I think the Dallas Morning News wrote an article on it the next day and it was like, "Punk is still here to stay!"
Ally: My first show is extreme, brutal and awesome. Besides local shows, I think the first show I paid for was Cro-Mags and Municipal Waste. Me and my friend Patrick were leaving Austin. We lived an hour away from Austin and I was 16. We couldn't get into any of the bars. We'd walk around, get really drunk and smoke weed in the car, and see what we could get into. Usually, we could find something to do, but that day, we couldn't. We're walking back to our car and we see this line coming out of Red 7. We paid and went in. It was, still to this day, the craziest show I've ever been to in my whole life.
Taylor: When I was 13, me and a bunch of my 13-year-old punk rock friends went to see TSOL and DI in Long Beach. We saw them at a place called the Vault 350, which is not there anymore. It was the scariest fucking experience of my life. It was the first time I had seen a pit and I got thrown. This guy picked me up and threw me. It was brutal. It was fun. I will never forget that.

What do you remember about the first Atomic Tanlines show?

Ally: [laughing] Oh man.
Taylor: [pointing at Ally] We were the only ones at the first. These guys weren't in the band.
Ally: The very first show, we booked this show in my hometown. We officially proclaimed that we were going to be a band on January 1st, 2012. We practiced a couple weeks later. I went to my friend and I was like, "Hey, I have a band now." He was like, "Cool, I have a show for you." It was a week from that day. So I go back and we wrote a set list in a whole week. We go there and got there a day early. We saw my friend's house show and we got on that. We ended up getting on two house shows that night. We went to this house show and the guys didn't know how my stage character was going to be. They didn't really explain it to him. So they were like, "Whoah." Like, the very first riff, I lift my hand up and the ceiling was low and I didn't know that or I wasn't aware because I was kinda drunk. Glass just poured down on top of me. My immediate reaction was to crawl in it. So I'm crawling in it and everybody scoots back. I have a scar from our first show.
Taylor: So do I. I got cut that night.

The Atomic Tanlines play Le Bitch Manor on Thursday and Dada on Saturday.

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