NFC/AFC Championship 2013: Predictions Based on The Football Albums

Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons
Sunday, 12 p.m.

Mostly a simplistic lament about the logo change, but it's got a pretty satisfying melody. I do like how literal this one is.

Oh man, where to start. Maybe here: "Well we're all tired of watching Jamal Anderson's mother, but at least she ain't doing the Tomahawk Chop." Why? Well, you'll just have to listen.

Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots
Sunday, 3:30 p.m.

This song was recorded in 1999, when the Texans did not exist. But it's got a former Houston team in the title and, more importantly, Hughes says it's, "Probably the worst thing DiskothiQ's ever done, which is kind of saying a lot." If we can't root for the Cowboys, at least there's always rooting against the Texans. For two more days.

This one's just about a small town somewhat near Foxborough where Hughes has relatives. Again, the specificity makes it an actually good song.

Winner: New England Patriots

Bonus: duh.

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Um, this weekend is just the divisional round. The NFC and AFC championship round is next weekend. The fact that there are 8 teams remaining instead of 4 should have been your first clue.

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