NFC/AFC Championship 2013: Predictions Based on The Football Albums

Trust me -- the explanation is worth it. Hang in there.
This weekend, the NFC and AFC divisional rounds will pit such heavyweights as the Baltimore Ravens against the Peyton Mannings, The Green Bay Packers against the San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Blinding Highlights against the Atlanta Falcons and a game I won't mention for obvious reasons. We're here to offer you some predictions about who will make the Championships. "But wait," you say. "This is a music blog!"

I know. That's why were going to decide based on The Football Albums, a double LP released by DiskothiQ wherein each song is about a different NFL franchise. It's a band fronted by Peter Hughes, who you now know as the bassist for the Mountain Goats.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos
Saturday, 3:30 p.m.

The best songs on the album are the ones that deal with something crazy specific, much like the best Mountain Goats songs. This is a six and a half minute ballad speculating about the hypothetical un-retirement of Jim Kelly. Delightful.

Peter Hughes includes a sort of commentary on each of these songs on Bandcamp. About this one he says, "Lame teams deserve lame songs. (See also: 49ers.)"

Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers
Saturday, 7 p.m.

In which Peter Hughes makes fun of defensive end Reggie White's views on Jesus' football allegiances. Specifically: "God didn't fix your hammy, Reggie," and "You're an idiot to think that God cares exclusively about the Packers."

(See also: Broncos).

Winner: Green Bay Packers

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Um, this weekend is just the divisional round. The NFC and AFC championship round is next weekend. The fact that there are 8 teams remaining instead of 4 should have been your first clue.

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