Ten Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2013

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5. Phil Anselmo and the Illegals Walk Through Exits Only Release: Spring/Summer Since his departure from Pantera and Superjoint Ritual, Phil Anselmo has been wandering the dark highway as a freelance lead singer, dabbling in black metal, stoner metal and death metal. His new album promises to take fans back to his more brutal days with Pantera when his vocals inspired gargantuan mosh pits.
4. Rob Zombie Title: TBA Release: Spring The godfather of horror metal is a man who promises to make 2013 a frightful year. His new film Lords of Salem is due in theaters early this year. And Zombie began recording his fifth solo album last year. "It's stylistically sort of a little bit of everything," said Zombie. "Fans of my really old stuff will love it. I feel like it's the best of all the things I've done."
3. Warbeast and Phil Anselmo Title: War of the Gargantuans Release: January When Texas thrash metal meets a Louisiana native, it's sure to be a collaboration of gargantuan proportions. This album not only offers Warbeast's best material to date but it also gives fans of Phil Anselmo a glimpse into his solo material, a venture that's been thirty years in the making.
2. Palms Title: TBA Release: Spring 2013 is also shaping up to be the year of supergroups with bands like Warbeast, Down, and now Palms unloading material for the masses. Former members of Isis Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide joined with Deftones' lead singer Chino Moreno to form a new sound that some fans are already calling "godlike."
1. Slayer Title: TBA Release: TBA Last year was a rough year for the band when a nasty spider bite sidelined guitarist Jeff Hanneman who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria. In the meantime, Gary Holt, guitarist for Exodus, is filling in for the guitarist. This year promises to turn things around. Hanneman is still recovering, but Kerry King announced on the band's website that they had two new tracks - "Chasing Death" and "Implode" - and planned to release a full-length album this year.

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Alice in Chains is good but again not metal


Korn isnt metal..this shit sucks


Here are some actual 2013 metal releases - I dare you to pick a few.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed


Korn isn't metal, Rob Zombie isn't metal, and I don't know what Black Veil Brides are - makeup and hair spray, most likely. I also like how two of your 10 slots went to Phil Anselmo. You don't know metal, and you can't count, either! Wonder who's "anticipating" Korn? Probably nobody but Korn themselves.


Not mentioning Black Sabbath's upcoming album ,13, due out in June is a pretty bizarre omission. But then again most these bands are much more one dimensional than Sabbath , trading more in feats of double kick drumming and Pro Tools than  developing an original sound and basically inventing the genre  like Sabbath did before most these guys were even born. Regardless, its a pretty odd omission. 


@lordsluggo666 this shit is not metal. Death metal maybe


@MadMonk hmm, this new comment system is screwy. So I'll reiterate, when I composed this piece, Sabbath hadn't released the information - otherwise, I would have added them to the list. 

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