Ten Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2013

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Mark Seliger
Spoiler alert.
2012 did not end with the bang promised by the Mayans. Fortunately, 2013 is gearing up to be the year of Heavy Metal. Some of the industry's oldest and newest legends are conjuring some tunes to help nurse the no-apocalypse blues. Here are the ten metal albums likely to get the most attention in 2013.

10. Killswitch Engage Disarm the Descent Release: Spring In 2012, the band parted ways with frontman Howard Jones and reunited with original frontman Jesse Leach, who left the band in 2002. "Truth be told, Jesse blew us away in auditions; the room seemed charged with electricity." The band's new album promises to please fans.
9. Black Veil Brides The Wretched and the Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones Release: January Do you miss the concept album days of ol' King Diamond? Or Iron Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, a worthy partial concept album? Good -- this time they're going all the way through with the concept album. Not only does the cover art look like something from Walt Disney's nightmare, but it also sets the tone for a story that's sure to keep you up at night.
8. Alice in Chains Hollow Release: Spring Oh how we miss the days of Grunge Metal, when showering was frowned upon and greasy heroin-addicted rockers were sexy. In 2009, Alice in Chains released an album 14 years in the making and initiated a new chapter for the band. Now, with the release of their newest venture, the band may just have accomplished the impossible: resurrection.
7. Korn Title: TBA Release: TBA Much like many of their metal peers, the guys spent a majority of last year working on side projects - Love and Death and J Devil or J Dub or J something or other - but it's hard to escape the Kornfield. In a recent interview with Revolver, James "Munky" Shaffer said that the band had recorded 15 new songs and "have a big 2013 planned for our fans, for ourselves, and for our families."
6. Hatebreed The Divinity of Purpose Release: January If you're metal band who's been mistakenly labeled as a racist scum-sucking maggot by the folks at CNN, there's only thing for you to do: put out a great album.

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Alice in Chains is good but again not metal


Korn isnt metal..this shit sucks


Here are some actual 2013 metal releases - I dare you to pick a few.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed


Korn isn't metal, Rob Zombie isn't metal, and I don't know what Black Veil Brides are - makeup and hair spray, most likely. I also like how two of your 10 slots went to Phil Anselmo. You don't know metal, and you can't count, either! Wonder who's "anticipating" Korn? Probably nobody but Korn themselves.


Not mentioning Black Sabbath's upcoming album ,13, due out in June is a pretty bizarre omission. But then again most these bands are much more one dimensional than Sabbath , trading more in feats of double kick drumming and Pro Tools than  developing an original sound and basically inventing the genre  like Sabbath did before most these guys were even born. Regardless, its a pretty odd omission. 


@lordsluggo666 this shit is not metal. Death metal maybe


@MadMonk hmm, this new comment system is screwy. So I'll reiterate, when I composed this piece, Sabbath hadn't released the information - otherwise, I would have added them to the list. 

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