Lady Gaga Doesn't Make Promised Appearance at Round-Up Saloon

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Photo by Kiernan Maletsky
Two of the many, many fans waiting to see Lady Gaga last night at the Round-Up Saloon.
On Tuesday afternoon, the Round-Up Saloon posted a confirmation that Lady Gaga would be making an appearance after her show at the American Airlines Center. It was to be her fourth stop at the bar in Oak Lawn.

She never showed up. The bar's management offered no explanation on Facebook (where the original announcement was posted), but has said they don't know why she changed her plans.

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At around 11:30 p.m., some 15 minutes after the end of the show, the spacious bar and dance hall was packed. Gaga videos played on the video screens. The karaoke lineup in the side room for "Gaga Titty Tuesday" was full of her songs.

Photo by Kiernan Maletsky

By midnight, the line to get in the front door stretched four people wide and all the way down the block. Inside, spirits were still high, though the crush around the raised area reserved for Gaga was getting mildly agressive. Cheers greeted every opening of the back door. People climbed railings to get a better view out to the patio. And still no pop star.

There were plenty of costumes at the show; there were at least as many at the Saloon. Some were inspired by Gaga's ensembles. A woman who was easily six and a half feet tall squeezed through the crowd in nothing but a spiked bra and leather underwear.

The bars were all crowded with patrons. Some disgruntled fans posted on Facebook, accusing the Round-Up of making it up to drum up business. We've reached out to Gaga's camp to try and sort out what actually happened and will let you know when we do. But it seems unlikely that they were just in it for a buck. After all, they did nothing to change their usual incredibly cheap Tuesday night deals: No cover charge, $3 wells and $3.25 domestics.

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Round-Up Saloon

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what if this is a way for the bar to promote themselves? her team never confirmed anything...

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

If I'm not mistaken, they pulled this one before.  Anyway, I'm too shattered about Sybil being killed off on Downton to be miffed.  The cats were furious Sunday night.  Big Kitty paced up and down alternately hissing and mrowing.  Miss U went into a catatonic state for hours; Cheng and Eng got into a huge fight (bizarre), and Spot tried to hurl herself at the telly.


Gaga wouldn't really stand out amongst that crowd....everybody sure she wasn't there?

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